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Historic Majestic Theatre reopens in Shanghai

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-04-11 16:41 Comments

Historic Majestic Theatre reopens in Shanghai

The Majestic Theatre, one of the oldest in Shanghai, reopens to the public yesterday after a five-year renovation that restored its original looks from the 1940s.[Photo/IC]

A 75-year-old theater with the same name of the renowned Broadway stage reopened on Saturday in the eastern Chinese city of Shanghai after six years of renovation.

Shang Yang, a modern drama about the story of an ancient Chinese reformist, became the first work staged in the reopened Majestic Theatre, to be followed by a number of Chinese operas and stage plays.

Built in 1941 during World War II with US investment, the theater has been an iconic landmark of Shanghai and a main stage for visiting troupes and imported movies from the United States.

It began renovation in 2010 according to the original design blueprint. The new building retains its simple style, but has improved stage, upgraded equipment and a new crystal chandelier, a design that failed to materialize according to the original plan after the ship carrying the item was sunk during the war.

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