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SSMR Phase III building opened in Shenzhen

[2013-11-01 20:24]

The Phase III new building of Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd (SSMR) was officially inaugurated on Friday in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Postponed Turkey arms deal exposes barriers

[2013-11-01 07:59]

The possible termination of a missile sale with Turkey shows the difficulty for Beijing to expand its global arms exports in the face of enormous resistance from the West, observers said.

Firms heading home as benefits wane

[2013-11-01 00:54]

More companies from Europe and the United States that outsourced production to China are returning home as price gaps narrow.

Two firms to debut in US at higher prices

[2013-11-01 00:44]

Two Chinese Internet companies lifted their initial public offering price range on Thursday, hours ahead of their debut on the United States stock market.

Ministry clarifies media brand critique

[2013-11-01 00:39]

Media's recent criticism of foreign brands in China is not specially targeted at foreign enterprises, and the country remains a top destination for global investors.

Freer RMB movement can answer claims

[2013-11-01 00:02]

Afreer pricing mechanism for the renminbi are possible responses to the United States' call for faster appreciation of the Chinese currency, experts said.

Awards given for contributions to microfinance

[2013-10-31 21:30]

Outstanding small business entrepreneurs and micro lenders were awarded for their contribution to microfinance on Thursday.

Vehicle recalls in China increase 100%

[2013-10-31 21:12]

More than 2.69 million vehicles were recalled in China in the first nine months of this year, an increase of 99 percent from the same period last year, China's top quality watchdog said on Thursday.

Meiji baby formula pullback benefits rivals

[2013-10-31 21:05]

Japanese diary producer Wakodo Co Ltd, a subsidiary of food and beverage maker Asahi Group, is looking to sell baby formula in the Chinese market despite the recent pullback of its compatriot competitor.

Huawei inks sponsor deal with AC Milan

[2013-10-31 09:10]

China's biggest information and communication technology firm Huawei and AC Milan on Wednesday signed a sponsorship agreement.

China's top political advisor stresses non-public economy

[2013-10-31 04:19]

Chinese top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng on Wednesday urged non-public sectors in the country's economy to grasp new development opportunities arising from deepened reforms.

FTZ to be template for change

[2013-10-30 23:51]

The month-old China Pilot Free Trade Zone will propel domestic reforms, while restrictions on foreign investment in the FTZ will be shortened.

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