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Probes ‘not targeting’ foreign firms: Official

[2014-02-20 05:20]

An official of China's antitrust regulator denied there is any implicit agenda behind its investigations of foreign companies.

Insurers get more freedom in asset allocation

[2014-02-20 05:09]

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission said on Wednesday that it has loosened curbs on insurers' investments by scrapping ceilings on fixed-income holdings and simplifying rules to help the industry bolster returns.

Guangzhou to develop three pillar industries

[2014-02-20 05:09]

Unstable Sino-Japanese relations could affect conditions in the car industry

French reaction to Dongfeng’s stake in PSA is ambivalent

[2014-02-20 05:09]

The long-awaited tie-up between French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen and its Chinese partner, Dongfeng Motor Corp, has generated a mixed reaction in France as the deal is widely seen as the end of era — the Peugeot family's dominance of one of France's largest and oldest companies.

China increases holdings of middle- and long-term US bonds

[2014-02-20 05:01]

Chinese holdings of middle- and long-term US government bonds increased by $81.1 billion in 2013, the fastest growth pace in five years, despite the rising yields of the benchmark notes, data from the US Treasury Department showed.

Use of RMB to be expanded in cross-border trade

[2014-02-19 22:28]

China will further expand the use of renminbi in cross-border trade settlements, accelerate the convertibility of capital accounts that are in the Chinese currency and widen the floating range of the exchange rate in an orderly manner.

Debt-ridden Wuhan to spend $329b in 5 yrs

[2014-02-19 22:27]

Wuhan will invest 2 trillion yuan ($329 billion) in urban construction over the next five years.

Profit boost for 13 brokerages

[2014-02-19 21:53]

Preliminary earnings estimates released by 13 listed Chinese brokerage firms show their net profits totaled 19.2 billion yuan ($3.16 billion) in 2013, up by 26.85 percent year-on-year.

Consumer confidence on a 5-yr high: Nielson

[2014-02-19 21:47]

Chinese consumer confidence in the fourth quarter of 2013 reached its highest level in the past five years.

Non-resident yuan deposits reach 1.36 trl yuan

[2014-02-19 20:37]

China's non-resident yuan deposits reached 1.36 trillion yuan ($222 billion) by the end of 2013, according to on Wednesday's foreign exchange data.

Beijing office space 4th most expensive globally

[2014-02-19 07:28]

Beijing's office space became the fourth most expensive in the world in 2013, a leap from 2012's seventh spot, according to a report by Cushman & Wakefield.

Amway China reports 8% sales rise in 2013

[2014-02-19 07:27]

Amway has reported sales in China totaling 29.3 billion yuan ($4.83 billion) during 2013, an increase of 8 percent on 2012.

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