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Exec foresees 'Silicon Valley' developing in region

[2014-01-30 09:22]

When Li Zexiang launched his company in Shenzhen in 1999, the city's first to specialize in robot control systems, orders were scarce and migrant workers were flowing into the Pearl River Delta.

Icelandic parliament passes China-Iceland FTA

[2014-01-30 06:44]

The Icelandic parliament on Wednesday ratified a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China.

London goes all-out to ring in Lunar New Year

[2014-01-30 02:43]

Lunar New Year has become increasingly popular in Britain as businesses and cultural groups prepare to celebrate the festival.

Discounts yield rebound for foreign car sales

[2014-01-30 02:43]

Vehicle imports grew 7.3 percent to 1.17 million last year, with a strong rebound in the fourth quarter helping make up for a decline in the first half, China Automobile Trading Co Ltd said.

Lenovo to buy Motorola business for $2 billion

[2014-01-30 02:02]

Lenovo Group Ltd is likely to buy Google Inc’s Motorola Mobility business, giving the Chinese company a bigger say in the global tablet and smartphone market.

Motorola unit 'offers mobility' for Lenovo

[2014-01-30 01:34]

The Chinese group agreed to buy the money losing subsidiary from Google, aiming a bigger say in the global tablet and smartphone market.

Jiugui Liquor suspects caught in E China

[2014-01-29 21:13]

Two suspects, alleged to have stolen 100 million yuan ($16.5m) from the bank account of Jiugui Liquor have been apprehended in east China's Anhui Province.

Huawei pledges more jobs in Europe

[2014-01-29 18:02]

China's tele-communication giant Huawei pledged again to create 5,500 new jobs in Europe by 2017.

Call made for special currency

[2014-01-29 02:38]

A supranational currency is needed to replace the US dollar to prevent global financial crises from recurring, according to former World Bank economist Justin Yifu Lin.

4G's high cost has mainland buyers balking

[2014-01-29 01:09]

While the many tech-savvy young people in Hong Kong are rushing to embrace the faster and better mobile service offered by fourth-generation technology, their counterparts in the major cities of the Chinese mainland have been stunned by the high cost of entry into the new world of communication.

All’s 'fare' in battle of taxi-booking apps

[2014-01-29 01:09]

The wrestling match for market share between Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and rival Tencent Holdings Ltd never seems to end.

Online finance gaining share but facing challenges

[2014-01-29 01:09]

The dramatic push into Internet finance this year has opened up a revolutionary means of financing other than resorting to the capital market or conventional banks. It heralds an era in which all market competitors can borrow and lend directly on the Internet with few information barriers.

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