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Xinhua News Agency releases film to mark CPC anniversary

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-06-22 11:27

Xinhua News Agency released a short film Monday to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The nine-and-a-half-minute video profiles the pursuit of independence and state prosperity. It features photographs and footage from Xinhua's China Photo Archives, a repository of more than 10 million images from 1892 to the present day.

The film begins with "Internationale," sung in Russian by 95-year-old Qu Duyi, the only daughter of Qu Qiubai, a key leader of the CPC in its early days. Qu Duyi and her husband co-founded Xinhua's Moscow bureau, the agency's third foreign bureau.

Eighty-one years ago, Qu Qiubai sang the same song on his way to his execution after being captured by the Kuomintang.

"My father had a faith in communist society and fought for it," said Qu Duyi in the film.

The video also features footage and images of outstanding CPC members across the years, including Lei Feng, a soldier who was known for selflessly devoting his time and money to those in need; Jiao Yulu, a local-level official role model; and Wang Jinxi, a model-oil worker who was dubbed "iron man."

"For a person, 95 years is a very long time, but to a Party, which is ahead of the times, it is its prime. Our dreams, and those of our fathers, are in the distance," the narrator says at the end of the film.

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