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Chinese host: Travel show in Canada censored

(China Daily/Xinhua) Updated: 2016-08-31 07:45

A Chinese talk show host has blasted the Canadian Tourism Commission for what he said was an attempt to censor his show.

Host and musician Gao Xiaosong said on his Sina Weibo account that the release of an episode on, an online video platform, had been "delayed indefinitely" because of "strong obstructions" from the commission.

The episode was supposed to be available on Friday. After a preview of the episode, which includes content about aboriginal people in Canada, the commission blocked its release, Gao said on Weibo, where he has nearly 40 million followers.

Posts by Gao include emails in Chinese from people who appear to be associated with the commission.

"We have always emphasized not to mention the aboriginal peoples because it's a very sensitive subject, and the preview includes history that is not to be proud of," one email said.

In another email, Gao said: "No matter from the history or human rights aspect, we have in the meeting again emphasized to avoid the aboriginal peoples. ... This is really serious. If not worked out properly, it could be upgraded to political levels and cause very serious consequences."

Gao also questioned the commission's right to weigh in on the show's content, saying he did not sign any contract with the commission and the organization is not a sponsor.

The episode in question is the second in a four-part series. The first aired earlier.

"As a promotion agency for a tourism destination, we hope the show will focus on promoting the destination. We have only provided opinions on amending the priorities of the episode," the commission said.

Derek Galpin, the commission's managing director for China, said he had nothing to add when reached by Xinhua News Agency.

Gao was apparently unsatisfied with the response.

"The commission is not in any way a direct party to the show," he said in a recent post. "The changes and omissions that the commission demanded account for up to 20 minutes. Even if we had a contract, which we don't, the harm to the episode would be unacceptable," Gao wrote.


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