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The artistic talents of Chinese leaders

By Wu Yan ( Updated: 2015-09-16 17:08

The artistic talents of Chinese leaders

An undated file photo shows Zhu Rongji playing Jinghu (a Peking Opera fiddle). [File photo]

Zhu Rongji is devoted to Peking opera

Former Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji developed an affection for Peking opera under the influence of his uncle as a child. When studying at Changsha No 1 middle school, he got some training in Peking opera by one of his teachers and played the hero in the opera "Empress He Accuses the Usurper" on the stage.

When talking about his retired life in 2004, he said, "Peking opera is my favorite. I not only sing it, but also play Jinghu (a Peking Opera fiddle with two strings bowed)."

"After my teacher's instruction and my hard work in playing Jinghu, I have progressed further than before", Zhu said.

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