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BiH newspaper introduces President Xi's book

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-03-01 07:36

SARAJEVO - Oslobodenje, one of the major newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), published a long story to introduce the book "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China" on its Feb 21 edition.

The book, by Chinese leader Xi Jinping, speaks of Chinese accomplishments to date, and what the country plans to achieve in years to come, in all the most important areas, according to Oslobodenje.

It recommended the book to anyone who is interested in modern-day China, either theoretically or practically.

"China must learn more about the rest of the world, and the rest of the world must learn more about China," the newspaper quoted the book as saying.

The book will be useful for political elites in BiH to compare solutions in the aspect of public administration reforms, the fight against corruption, and sustainable development in BiH, it said.

Furthermore, by reading the book, those in BiH will be better able to understand the national interests of China, which might contribute to better cooperation between the two sides, the newspapers said.

It could also help BiH draw more investment from China under the mechanism of the so-called "16+1", a mechanism for cooperation between China and 16 Central and Eastern European nations, it said.

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