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Serious storm warnings to halt classes

By ZHENG CAIXIONG in Guangzhou ( Updated: 2015-01-26 18:04

Under a new regulation, classes in all of Guangzhou's kindergartens, primary and high schools will be suspended when a yellow, orange or red warning signal for storms is issued, Nanfang Daily reported.

The regulation, which aims to mitigate the harm of meteorological disasters in Guangdong province, also applies to government departments, organizations and companies, which are required to allow employees to come in late or leave work early to deal with natural disasters.

The regulation was passed over the weekend by the Guangzhou People's Congress and will take effect on March 1.

Currently, parents of young children and older students alike must wait for notices from the kindergartens or schools to know whether their children must attend classes when the city is battered by storms.

Guangzhou's meteorological observatory usually publishes a white, blue, yellow, orange or red warning signal when the city is hit by storms and flooding. The signals are relayed by local television and radio stations, and via the Internet and newspapers. A red signal is the highest alert; white is the lowest.

Those who violate the regulations will be investigated or punished according to the regulations and rules.

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