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Girl forces mother to abort second child

By Zhang Xiang ( Updated: 2015-01-18 22:07

A 44-year-old pregnant woman in Wuhan, Hubei province aborted her unborn child after her teenage daughter threatened to commit suicide, Wuhan Evening News reported on Sunday.

Since the country eased its one-child policy, Xiao and her husband had been preparing to have another. However, the good news was tinged by the strong opposition from their 13-year-old.

"After she knew about my pregnancy, she said she would commit suicide if we kept the baby," Xiao said, "We didn't take it seriously until her temper grew really bad."

As Xiao's pregnancy progressed, the willful girl began to throw things at home and threaten her parents she would skip school, turn down her high school entrance examination and even attempt suicide.

The girl finally won when the couple discovered she had tried cutting her wrist a week ago. Being afraid of losing her daughter, Xiao ended her pregnancy after 13 weeks in a hospital on Thursday.

Doctors say it is normal for the only child to be upset when parents want a second child, but for rare cases such as Xiao's daughter, parents should rethink.

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