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Science graduates earn most in China: Report

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-01-06 16:32

CHANGCHUN - New college graduates with degrees in science and technology services are receiving higher starting salaries than their peers in China, according to a survey by the Ministry of Education.

The monthly average starting salary of college graduates was 3,412 yuan (about $568 dollars) in 2014, with 68.21 percent of the surveyed students responding they were satisfied with the salary offered for their first jobs, according to Yang Xiaohui, chief researcher of the program.

The study surveyed 202,350 new graduates from 14 Chinese cities.

Among them, those who studied science and technology services earned the highest salary, or 4,674 yuan a month on average. The average starting salary for economics majors was 3,908 yuan.

The report also showed that Beijing offered the highest average monthly pay for the new job seekers at 4,338 yuan, which was followed by 4,226 yuan in Shanghai and 3,930 yuan in south China's Guangdong Province.

Yang said job location, salary level and employers' reputation are the three most considered factors for new college graduates in looking for their first jobs.

China's employment situation is still "tough", said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in his government work report delivered to the country's top legislature in March, 2014.

The country is expected to see 7.49 million people graduate from college in 2015, the largest ever, a year on year increase of 3 percent. Helping them find a job will be a tremendous challenge.

In December, education minister Yuan Guiren asked universities and colleges to give more consideration to employment when making admission plans.

He also urged colleges to strengthen education of students on innovation and starting a business, allowing students to suspend from school to start their own businesses.

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