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My perspective on rule of law in China

[2014-10-24 10:56]

I have respect for Chinese leadership. The Party leadership is based on very subtle balances.

Xi's anti-graft campaign impressive

[2014-10-24 11:24]

I think the changes that are being brought by President Xi are highly encouraging.

Rule of law needed to curb corruption

[2014-10-21 10:41]

I was born and I live in the US I have visited China many times. I agree that corruption exists in both countries.

China's reform plans beyond expectation

[2014-10-17 15:33]

If executed successfully, China will witness a tranformational change for the good in every field that really matters to the country.

Visionary leadership key to development

[2014-10-17 15:33]

In this way they may even outwit US one day as the new leadership is more dynamic and visionary it seems.

China's pragmatic approach toward reforms

[2014-10-17 15:33]

China's pragmatic approach should be an eye opener for all of us due to its sheer timing and boldness.

Pragmatic approach toward reforms

[2014-10-17 15:33]

It is good that leaders of China talk about real, practical issues and the common people too are aware of it!

China should not copy Western system

[2014-10-17 15:33]

The future in China is not in attempting to replicate the private property based systems of the West.

Fighting corruption is no easy task

[2014-10-17 15:33]

Even if there is perfect rule of law, it cannot achieve fairness or justice, as corrupt officials in charge can still take money.

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