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Xi underlines cultivation of talents in Macao

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-12-20 10:51

MACAO - President Xi Jinping on Saturday stressed the importance to strengthen the future-oriented education and upbringing of the young people in Macao, which was striving to address the shortage of human resources.

"Young people in Macao represent not only the hope and future of Macao, but also the hope and future of the whole country," Xi said at a gathering marking the 15th anniversary of Macao's return to China.

"We need to strengthen the education and upbringing of young people to ensure that fine tradition of loving the motherland and loving Macao will be carried forward from one generation to another and that the cause of 'one country, two systems' will be continuously advanced," he said.

The president said the fine traditional culture that the Chinese nation has created and carried forward in its thousands of years of history is the root and and soul of the Chinese nation.

"In the education of the young people, priority should be given to the history, culture and national condition of China," so that they will better appreciate the richness of the Chinese civilization, the glorious journey of the Chinese nation since modern times, the endeavor and achievement of new China, and the intrinsic link between sticking to the principle of "one country, two systems" and upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing the Chinese dream of great national renewal, he said.

In this way, the young people will fully understand the destiny and future of Macao are closely tied to those of the motherland, thus having a stronger sense of national pride and deeper love for the motherland and Macao.

Xi hoped they will "commit themselves to the cause of 'one country, two systems' with a greater sense of responsibility and mission."

Xi, who arrived here on Friday, attended the anniversary celebrations and the inauguration of the fourth-term government of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR).

The SAR government has been working to enhance the understanding of the Basic Law of Macao, a constitutional document, among the local residents.

Introducing the Basic Law is part of a citizenship course at Macao shools.

Meanwhile, in order to address the shortage of human resources, which together with the limited land were two major challenges facing Macao, the SAR governemnt has been launching talent cultivation initiatives.

A talents development committee, chaired by Chief Executive Chui, was also established earlier this year to look for ways to increase the number of people undertaking tertiary education and fill gaps in the labor market.

Macao introduced a 15-year compulsory education scheme in 2007, which is among the few in the world that provide free-education from kindergarten to senior high school.

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