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Jiangcheng steps up campaign against hunting, smuggling of wildlife

By Zheng Caixiong ( Updated: 2014-10-27 19:15

Law enforcement personnel have seized three macaques, two slow lories and eight turtles during a campaign against illegal hunting and trafficking of wildlife along the Sino-Vietnam border in Jiangcheng county, in Yunnan province, according to a statement from Jiangcheng county published on on Monday.

In addition to the live wild animals, 74.4 kilograms of wildlife meat were seized after 53 stores, restaurants and booths in local bazaars in the county were investigated last week.

A special task force has been set up to focus on investigating illegal hunting, trafficking and wildlife meat.

The campaign was launched after illegal hunting, trafficking and eating wildlife meat had become widespread in the county during the past few months.

The statement denied rumors that many local government cars had been investigated in regard to these illegal activities.

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