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Palace Museum launches new souvenirs

( Updated: 2014-10-22 15:39

Palace Museum launches new souvenirs
Forbidden City's Taobao store hot on the Internet 
Beijing's Palace Museum has released a new range of creative and cultural souvenirs.

Instead of the conventional postcards and T-shirts, new products include accessories featuring Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) royal elements.

Prices range from 10 yuan to thousands. Among them, court beaded headphone buds cost 120 yuan, and cell phone holders 50 yuan, according to the official Taobao Shop for the museum.

Netizens have made mixed comments. Some said the designers seem to be breaking too many conventions while others joked about loving a bag from the collection. Since the National Palace Museum in Taipei's adhesive tape, reading: "I, the emperor, know it" made a splash on the Internet last year, a lot of netizens have suggested the Palace Museum in Beijing copied the former's idea, but an employee said it was the result of eight years' original work from professional designers in the museum.

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