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High-wire act for US, Britain to interfere in Hong Kong affairs

( Updated: 2014-10-01 16:35

Spokesman of White House Josh Ernest responded to Occupy Central in Hong Kong cautiously. He wants to show his support to the protestors and also express his detachment to the escalation of the crisis. About Occupy Central, Beijing warns foreign forces not to interfere in China's domestic affairs.

The stability of Hong Kong, the interracial financial hub, is crucial to China's overall economy. The situation in Hong Kong can be affected by some officials' treatment of Occupy Central.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry reiterates that certain countries should not interfere into other countries' domestic affairs and issue wrong information to protesters. American officials said that Washington denies the accusation is related to America.

The Obama administration does not wish the incident to go further because it has already been dogged by all kinds of troubled issues from all over the world, for example, the Ukraine crisis, which has dragged the US and Russia into a cold war again. Meanwhile, the airstrike campaign against "ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)" is another trouble for the US.

Michael Green, an advisor to former US President George W. Bush said: "With regard to Hong Kong, the US must take US-China relations deep into consideration because the US has little say in Hong Kong. We don't want to see Hong Kong's economy get affected by the issue.

Financial Times runs a story saying that the British government sets to be a precarious high-wire in the "Occupy Central" issue. On the one hand they must support democracy and on the other, they must maintain the Sino-British ties by enhancing trade exchange.

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