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Man awaits verdict on 'gay therapy' clinic

By Zhang Yu ( Updated: 2014-08-11 16:11

A 30-year-old gay man is waiting for a ruling on a lawsuit he filed against a clinic in Chongqing that gave him shock therapy to change his sexual preference, Beijing Times reported on Monday.

Xiao Zhen, an alias, said his parents could not accept the fact he is a homosexual, which troubled him and made him try to change his sexual preference.

He said he found the clinic via the Internet and spent 500 yuan ($81) for an hour's therapy, during which he was given shock therapy without being informed beforehand.

He gave up the treatment believing it to be a scam and returned to work in Beijing.

The man had crushes on other boys since he was in the sixth grade and accepted he is homosexual at the age of 27. During that period, he was lonely, confused and depressed.

He said most of his gay friends are not open about their homosexuality for fear of negatively influencing their promotions at work or their relationship with colleagues.

He said some gays seek treatment because they have been discriminated against, as he has. However, he would never have such treatment again.

He said what should change is the attitudes of family members and society.

The trial began in late July and the court in the Haidian district of Beijing has not yet pronounced its verdict.

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