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  • Official urges further 'mass line' implementation

    2014-07-06 10:45

    Senior leader Liu Yunshan on Saturday called for persistent implementation of the Party's "mass line campaign," as the second phase of the campaign nears the end.

  • Senior CPC leader stresses supervision in mass-line campaign

    2014-04-20 22:02

    A senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has urged governments to invite public supervision and to let the people speak the truth amid the Party's ongoing "mass-line" campaign.

  • Discipline agency targets holiday luxuries

    2013-11-09 09:05

    The discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday pledged to continue curbing extravagance and luxuries during the upcoming New Year and Spring Festival holidays.

  • China's disciplinarians turn graft into art

    2013-11-08 15:57

    The Communist Party of China's top discipline watchdog is collecting anti-corruption cartoons nationwide and plans an exhibition.

  • Efficient implementation of 'mass-line' campaign urged

    2013-10-26 21:07

    Officials should devise specific measures to ensure the "mass-line" campaign does not remain a mere formality, senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Liu Yunshan said Saturday.

  • Top leaders study at China's Silicon Valley

    2013-10-01 17:14

    China's top leadership held a group study Monday in a Beijing technology hub known as China's Silicon Valley, the first time such a study has been held outside the central authority's seat at Zhongnanhai.

  • Officials told to carry out 'mass-line' campaign

    2013-10-01 21:32

    Senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Liu Yunshan has urged officials to strictly and efficiently carry out a campaign to boost ties between CPC officials, members and the people.

  • President Xi touts moral models

    2013-09-27 01:35

    Learning from moral models and spreading positive energy is a way to reshape social morality and realize the Chinese dream, President Xi Jinping said.
    Xi promotes 'mass line' campaign

  • President Xi stresses good values

    2013-09-27 01:03

    President Xi Jinping called for promotion of social ethics and traditional virtues among Chinese people.

  • Xi promotes 'mass line' campaign

    2013-09-26 01:25

    President Xi urged Party members to better use criticism and self-criticism in their work to improve on their abilities to find and resolve their own problems.

  • Xi stresses CPC criticisms, self-criticisms

    2013-09-25 21:37

    Xi Jinping, leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has urged leading officials to constantly relay criticisms and self-criticisms to improve capabilities to find and solve their own problems.

  • Strict supervision urged for 'mass line' campaign

    2013-09-13 21:38

    Liu Yunshan, senior official of the Communist Party of China, has called for "strict and honest" supervision for an ongoing campaign that aims to straighten Party members' behavior.

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