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Guangdong government adopts anti-corruption rules

Updated: 2013-08-28 20:36
By ZHENG CAIXIONG in Guangzhou (

Government departments will be required to introduce effective and concrete measures to prevent corruption when making decisions on major economic and social projects in the Guangdong provincial capital.

The fund that will be used to prevent and fight corruption will be listed in the government's financial budget and may not be misused, according to the Rules on Preventing Duty Crimes in Guangzhou.

The rules were submitted to the Guangzhou People's Congress for review on Aug 27.

Governments at all levels are required to outline detailed plans to prevent and fight corruption and organize promotions and educational events on preventing crimes related to official government duties.

The rules were introduced after a number of corruption cases involving such crimes were reported in the southern metropolis in recent years.

A number of senior Party and government officials in the city have been investigated, or put under shuanggui, a procedure in which Party and government officials are asked to confess their wrongdoing at a specified time and place, since the beginning of the year.