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China visits by Abbas, Netanyahu 'unprecedented'

Updated: 2013-05-07 07:19
( China Daily)

The almost simultaneous visits by Abbas and Netanyahu are "unprecedented" in Chinese history, which shows the two countries' good relations with China and the great importance they attach to China's role in the Middle East peace process, said An Huihou, former Chinese ambassador to Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Algeria. The propositions made by the new Chinese leadership will further boost ongoing international efforts to restart the talks and strengthen the ever-improving ties between China and Middle East countries, he said.

After the meeting, the two sides signed cooperation agreements in economic technical cooperation and cultural exchanges.

China, which has long provided assistance to Palestine, hopes to ease the country's financial difficulties and improve its people's living conditions, An said.

The Palestinian National Authority has a budget deficit of about $1 billion due to the stoppage of international donations and funds as well as Israel's refusal to pay the tax revenue dues, which represent one-third of the PNA budget, according to Xinhua.