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Sandstorm threatens the Mogao Grottoes


Trending across China: A meaty proposal


Father searches for son by motorcycle, covering 400,000 km


First round-world solar flight stops in China


Things are not always what they seem on April Fool's Day


Forum Trends: Should photos be banned on subway?

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New emergency smog plan for capital

If heavy smog continues for more than three days, Beijing will restrict half of private vehicles on the road based on their license plates.

China to implement bank deposit insurance in May

Under the new system, the government will insure deposits of as much as 500,000 yuan ($80,649) for each client's deposits at each bank.

China may invest in Russia's
first high-speed railway

China is interested in bankrolling Russia's first high-speed rail line connecting Moscow and Kazan, investing $5.2 billion in the construction of the rail.

Glass maker takes crown as China's richest woman

Zhou Qunfei, chairwoman of Lens Technology - a glass provider of Apple, became the wealthiest woman in China on the company's stocks surge.

Over 500 Chinese evacuees from Yemen arrive in Djibouti

More than 500 Chinese evacuees from conflict-ridden Yemen have arrived at the Djibouti port as the situation continues to deteriorate in Yemen.

China asks UK for help in extraditing corrupt officials

An anonymous official authority said the Chinese government had already asked the UK to offer help repatriating approximately 50 corrupt officials.

Shanxi may become China's first region to allow menstrual leave

A draft labor protection regulation that grants female workers paid leave during menstruation was unveiled in North China's Shanxi province.

Apple launches iPhone, iPad recycling plan in China

Fans can trade in their old iPhones, iPads and PCs with Apple's latest products - but can only enjoy the service in Apple Stores.

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