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Politicians don't let minor injuries stop them


'Miracle' premature baby ready to go home


Mission Hills Group unites world celebrities in Hainan


The army wants you!


World photography masters show their works

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Anti-graft chief warns corrupt officials

Chinese ruling party's chief discipline inspector Wang Qishan Saturday promises to fight corruption like "treating sick trees" and "rooting up rotten ones".

Beijing to shut factories during APEC to curb pollution

Chinese authorities ordered a temporary shutdown of factories to ensure air quality during a meeting of Asia-Pacific leaders in Beijing next month.

7% 'new norm' for expansion

A think tank says China's annual growth target is in line with economists' forecasts that the country's economic slowdown will continue next year.

China pledges 500 m yuan Ebola aid to Africa

President Xi Jinping announced on Friday a 500 million yuan ($81.7 m) assistance package to fight Ebola as China continues its commitment to helping West Africa fight the deadly virus.

Trending: Residents lay their money out to dry

Newlyweds put out tables for their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, Jackie Chan pleads with media to spare wife, and residents lay their money out to dry.

Civil service exam hit amid corruption crackdown

Experts have attributed a drop in the number of eligible applicants for the national civil service exam to China's ongoing anti-corruption campaign.

Pitfalls of an unfettered net

It is time to stop the unfounded charges against the vocational school and grant it time and space for self-development and self-improvement.

Cook: time for all Apple products to enter China

Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said he hopes to adapt all of Apple's developments to work for the Chinese market.

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