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Disney Town staff members greet visitors with smiles


Met Gala: Fashion in an Age of Technology


Photos from around China in April


Sino-Italian police patrols launched in Italy


Selby denies Ding's first world title attempt


Mourners pay their last respects to Peking Opera master Mei Baojiu

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Joint investigation launched into hospital after Wei's death

After the announcement of investigation into Baidu's paid listing, the government will probe the hospital that treated the cancer patient.

AIIB sets up first co-financing road project in Pakistan

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank announces a $300 million project to develop a 64-kilometer stretch of highway in Pakistan.

Beijing students to learn traditional opera in school

Peking Opera is being introduced to primary and middle school students in an effort to promote the traditional art to the younger generation.

Box office fails to bring in big bucks during holiday

Chinese film market sees a slower growth in ticket sales during public holidays, falling below expectation for the first time since last year.

Warren Buffett optimistic on China's economic transition

Billionaire Warren Buffett said he was still optimistic about China's development, and believed economic transition will be successful.

PLA enlists rap-style music video to attract young recruits

The song, called Battle Declaration, which was posted on PLA Daily's website on Thursday, is the first hip-hop video made by the PLA.

Hukou problem surfaces after an 11-year-old lie comes to light

After 11 years, a woman's Beijing household registration was nullified because authorities said she had used fake documents to obtain it.

Why US should stop bashing China and start saving

In the US presidential election the trade debate and its impact on American workers is being distorted at both ends of the political spectrum.

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