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Evolution of the internet in China


Man vs. machine: Era of robots


Thangka Village in Karma Valley


Kids climb vine ladder in 'cliff village' in Sichuan


Following Alibaba, its online merchants now eye listings


Serbian artist: The world in a leaf

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Sincerity, not size, determine conflict resolution: China

In response to a US comment, Foreign Ministry says sincerity, rather than a nation's size, should be used to gauge how it justifies its actions.

Celebrated Chinese writer Yang Jiang dies at 105

Famous Chinese writer, literary translator and foreign literature researcher Yang Jiang died at the age of 105 in Beijing Wednesday.

Real name required for Alipay and WeChat payment

Customers who want to continue using payment services via Alipay and WeChat have to authenticate themselves with real names before July 1.

High-tech steps to curb cheating in college entrance exam

High-tech measures will be used for the first time in this year's gaokao, or national college entrance exam, which will start within a fortnight.

Over 10 regions unveil cuts in social security programs

Local governments said lowering personal and corporate contributions to social security funds will not affect employee's welfare and benefits.

Safety under scrutiny as third climber dies on Qomolangma

An Indian becomes third fatality on Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest in the West, since climbing resumed after last year's avalanche.

First national nuclear rescuers to be ready by 2018,says govt

The team will have 320 professionals in six squads and will be designated to handle nuclear accidents and take part in overseas operations.

Why rise in property price is not good news for local growth

Is the jaw-dropping surge in real estate price really an elixir for the economy undergoing painful but necessary structural reforms?

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