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Trending: Duck neck eating competition in Wuhan


Tsingtao gets ready for huge beer festival in China


Stunning Shu brocade and embroidery techniques live on in museum


Kazan games: Diving in the sky


Torrential rain wreaks havoc in Jinan


A folk artist couple famous for 'knives-throwing' performance

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Stocks rebound from three-week low after short-selling curbs

Stocks rallied on Tuesday from a three-week low, as authorities announce curbs on intraday short-selling to further shore up the market.

Overseas journalists invited to cover V-Day celebrations

Domestic and overseas journalists are welcome to cover events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Beijing next month.

Internationalization, a key factor for HK tycoon's sell-offs

The Hong Kong property tycoon Li Ka-shing's commercial international strategy is misinterpreted as a bearish sentiment over China.

When Chinese-style education system meets British teens

A program designed to test how 50 students in a British classroom cope with a Chinese teaching method reveals interesting results.

Celebrities heat up online debate over frozen eggs

Egg freezing is classified as a supplementary IVF measure in China and only available to married women who must have a valid reproduction permit.

Negotiation key to China, US cyber solution: Experts

The best way to solve cybersecurity problems between the two countries is through communication and negotiation, say experts.

Health authority calls for more steps to boost breast-feeding

Less than 28 percent of babies under six months old were exclusively breast-fed in China in 2013, compared with 67 percent in 1998.

Samsung glamor days over as it fights to save mobile market

The coming years are set to be more somber for Samsung, as it is forced to slash prices at its mobile division in order to see off competition from rivals.

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