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Life as a human punch bag

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Death penalty for some crimes may end

A proposed amendment to China's criminal law could see the end of capital punishment for some non-violent offenses, including illegal money lending.

Goal to cut emissions to be met

The recent landmark climate agreement with the United States is a win for both sides and will inject positive energy into the upcoming global climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru, early next month.

China's graft fight dents overseas spending

The China-dependent sector of the global tourism industry has been hurting since President Xi Jinping put fighting corruption at the top of his agenda after coming into power in November 2012.

Opinion: Help parents who've lost only child

Chinese authorities should provide special aid for elderly parents who have lost their only child and take care of them through welfare organizations.

Tire firms urge government to fight US action

The tire industry has urged the government to take decisive measures against the US anti-dumping and countervailing duties imposed on China's tires.

Battle looms over mobile pay systems

China's thriving mobile payment market will witness a new battle for dominance between Apple and its local smartphone rivals, with industry insiders anticipating a showdown between Apple Pay and a home-grown digital wallet service.

Chinese men spending more on facial care

A growing awareness of male grooming, a stressful urban lifestyle and environmental concerns are fueling the growth in the male personal care market.

First contact with the world

The only Chinese sci-fi book published in the United States, The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin, is landing out-of-this-world acclaim.

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