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Preschool teacher fired for child abuse

Updated: 2013-01-18 21:25

A preschool teacher in Henan province who held a child upside down by the legs and exposed him to the cold weather was fired after the child's mother posted the incident online, Dahe Daily reported on Jan 18.

The boy, named Pipi, told his parents on the way to his kindergarten on Jan 14 that his teacher had beaten him.

The couple demanded to see the school's footage of the incident. When they looked at the video from Jan 11, they saw a teacher push their son to the door of the classroom and hold the boy upside down. The boy was not wearing his coat at the time, and the temperature outside was below zero.

Pipi's father went home and then returned to the school to download a copy of the video, but discovered it had been deleted.

Wang Hui, head of the kindergarten, admitted that a teacher called Chen Ru had behaved rudely to Pipi and apologized.