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Make child abuse law stricter

Updated: 2012-11-01 07:58
( China Daily)

Comment on "Tougher laws against child abuse urged" (China Daily, Oct 30)

I was shocked and angry after reading about the notorious case of Yan Yanhong, an uncertified kindergarten teacher in Wenling, Zhejiang province. Yan not only abused the vulnerable kids in the kindergarten, but also posted photographs of her outrage on the Internet.

What the so-called teacher has done will definitely hurt the children physically and psychologically. But I also think she may be suffering from some mental problems.

Education authorities should take the blame for this sorry episode. Why did they allow an unqualified person to be a kindergarten teacher? And how could Yan work as a teacher for such a long time without holding a license?

Had the authorities been able to properly train and supervise kindergarten teachers, they could have avoided this tragedy. The authorities are responsible for the children's sufferings. I agree with legal experts that China's current Criminal Law should be revised to make child abuse a heinous crime.

Chase, via e-mail

(China Daily 11/01/2012 page9)