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Pregnant woman accused of killing toddler

By ZHENG JINRAN ( Updated: 2013-01-09 17:20

A woman suspected of beating her 2-year-old stepdaughter to death has been charged by police but released on bail because she is pregnant, New Express Daily, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The victim Xu Lijia was born out of wedlock in February 2010. Her mother, a 22-year-old woman from Guangdong province, left Xu’s father, who is 19 years older, and left Xu in his care. Both parents are migrant workers.

Xu’s father’s new girlfriend surnamed Zeng, 35, abused the child frequently, especially after falling pregnant herself. Neighbors confirmed the girl was frequently seen with wounds.

The toddler was sent to hospital on Jan 1 after Zeng beat her into a coma. She died one week later from a skull fracture, the report said.

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