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China to work for peaceful resolution of disputes

By Zhao Shengnan ( Updated: 2012-12-28 19:04

Beijing on Friday said it favors peaceful settlement of international disputes and regional issues, and will work vigorously to achieve this.

"This will promote efforts to oppose war and confrontation and uphold world peace and cooperation," Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun said in a speech at the 8th Lanting Forum.

The Forum, initiated by the ministry, is a platform for communication and exchanges between government, the business community, academia and the public. It is aimed at creating a new channel to facilitate discussion on foreign policies and issues of common interest by relevant parties. The Forum is named after Lanting (the Blue Hall) at the ministry.

Zhang told diplomats, scholars and media: "China opposes wanton use of force or threat of force, as well as all forms of hegemonism and power politics.

"It reiterates its solemn declaration not to interfere in other countries' internal affairs, seek hegemony, or engage in expansion," he said.

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