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$156m retrieved for disgruntled consumers

$156m retrieved for disgruntled consumers

Updated: 2012-03-14 18:56


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BEIJING - China's authorities retrieved 990 million yuan ($156.3 million) for consumers last year as the country places greater efforts to protect consumers' rights, official figures showed on Wednesday.

In 2011, China's industry and commerce institutions processed 846,000 cases of complaints filed by consumers via an online service platform "12315," officials said at a conference observing the International Consumer Rights Day.

Wang Dongfeng, deputy director of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, said China will improve its current system to increase efficiency in responding to consumers' demands.

China's authorities retrieved 980 million yuan for cheated buyers in 2010.

With heavier purses and wider choices, Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their rights at a time when the country aims to boost domestic consumption.