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'Made in China' online enterprises on global mission

[2014-09-16 09:18]

The Internet sector has never been as important in China as it is now, with domestic Internet companies and services being part of the top leaders' overseas marketing list.

China's rooftop power generation surges despite challenges

[2014-09-15 17:10]

In nine months following the installation of the panels, the 22-year-old has made more than 900 yuan selling the excess power back to the state grid.

Beijing raises hiring standard for foreign employees

[2014-09-15 14:11]

Beijing's municipal government has announced a new employment standard for foreigners, lifting the threshold for acquiring a job in the city.

Why we are forever blowing bubbles

[2014-09-15 09:31]

The slowing of Chinese economic growth have heated up the debate about whether housing and the economy as a whole have formed bubbles.

Chinese jewelry firms design brighter future

[2014-09-15 09:27]

An increasing number of Chinese jewelry designers are starting to challenge the dominance of top Western luxury jewelry brands, which have continued to open stores in China in the past few years.

Riding at full gallop in the land of tallyho

[2014-09-15 08:28]

In today's Inner Mongolia, although horses are no longer used for battle, they are still commonplace and most children are taught to ride from a young age.

Rules and betting seen as fast track to Chinese clubs' success

[2014-09-15 07:44]

Horseracing has great potential in China, but crucial changes are needed before the industry can thrive, says Louis Romanet, chairman of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities.

Sport of kings a lure for nouveau riche

[2014-09-15 07:44]

China's new middle class is abuzz over equine sports due to the strong social and networking element, and as a way to enjoy and show off newfound wealth.

More CFAs buoy hopes for finance

[2014-09-15 03:31]

China is expected to overtake the United States to become the largest pool of chartered financial analysts within two decades.

Independent study outlines organizational refinements

[2014-09-13 07:42]

The results of an independent assessment presented to delegates of the APEC Tourism Working Group "reflect where we are now and where we can move forward"

China's oil, petrochem sector faces tough challenges

[2014-09-13 07:43]

The 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) for the petroleum and petrochemical industry will focus on eliminating obsolete capacity and raising coal chemical output, officials said on Friday.

Call for pan-Asian energy market

[2014-09-12 17:54]

Economists have recommended setting up a pan-Asian energy market by 2030 to address massively increased energy demands assuming the region sustains growth of 6 percent in the years ahead.

Tourism cooperation among APEC member economies urged

[2014-09-12 16:45]

Among China's 18 major tourist sources, 12 are APEC member economies, which contributed 70 percent of the overseas tourists to China in 2013.

Tourism chairman calls for unity

[2014-09-12 07:40]

Nowadays tourism is an important part in people's daily life and a strategic industry in the national economy that has achieved remarkable results.

Chinese mainland finds food made with tainted Taiwanese oil

[2014-09-12 10:27]

The Chinese coastal city of Xiamen has found 4.9 tons of food connected to tainted lard produced in Taiwan.

China's auto sales up 4.04% in August

[2014-09-11 17:35]

China's automobile sales hit 1.71 million units in August, up 4.04 percent year on year and 6.72 percent month on month.

License trips iPhone retailers in China

[2014-09-11 16:24]

China's largest carriers have been ready to roll out iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the cell phones are now reportedly waiting for China's network access license.

92.7m railway trips expected for golden week

[2014-09-11 10:24]

China Railway Corporation said Wednesday it expects 92.7 million railway trips to be taken during the travel rush of the week-long National Day holiday.

Taiwan oil maker fined heavily over tainted lard

[2014-09-11 09:59]

Taiwan has fined a cooking oil supplier 50 million New Taiwan dollars ($1.67 million) over its sale of tainted lard.

Foreign firms 'must follow Chinese law'

[2014-09-11 07:31]

All foreign Internet businesses in China must follow the bottom line of safeguarding China's interests and the interests of its consumers, a senior official said on Wednesday.

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