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Bank card users must remain vigilant to threats

[2016-05-06 07:16]

Reports on bank card skimming in recent years have become a major public concern. And this latest scam highlights the security failings and defects in classic payment systems.

PwC: Hospitals are becoming new focus of M&As

[2016-05-06 07:12]

Mergers and acquisitions in China's hospital sector became a new focus in 2015, and large-scale deals and more cross-border transactions will likely be made in the near future.

Chinese capacity cuts 'will help' global steel industry

[2016-05-06 07:10]

Chinese steelmakers' efforts to cut capacity will help the global steel industry out of the woods despite a surge in prices in the past two months, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday.

First hybrid train on track for testing

[2016-05-06 07:10]

CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co, a subsidiary of China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, will test the country's first hybrid-power train next month, project officials said on Thursday.

Supply-side reform to boost civil aviation, rental housing

[2016-05-05 15:24]

China is mulling new plans to bolster development of civil aviation, rental housing, as well as smart manufacturing, part of the supply-side reform to drive economic growth, according to a State Council executive meeting on Wednesday.

Domestic coal companies report weak performance in 2015

[2016-05-05 13:39]

As the 2015 profit reporting season comes to an end, the performance of domestic coal companies seems weaker than earlier expectations, due to overcapacity, poor demand and lower prices.

Japanese animator Miyazaki's shop a big hit in Shanghai

[2016-05-05 13:42]

A shop that sells merchandize featuring characters from the works of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki has become popular among white–collar employees since its opening in Shanghai on May 1.

China's gold output edges up in Q1

[2016-05-05 11:07]

China's gold output in the first quarter of 2016 edged up due to higher prices in the global gold market, according to latest industry figures.

China plans big civil aviation investment

[2016-05-05 11:05]

China is ready to invest $11.9 billion this year in the construction of civil aviation infrastructure, particularly airports, the country's chief civil aviation regulator said.

Steel town shutdown shatters the 'iron rice bowl'

[2016-05-05 09:48]

A company in the capital of Shandong province was once famous for its "hot metal", but the decline of the local industry poses a dilemma for younger employees.

US to sell pork to Chinese via Alibaba platforms

[2016-05-05 08:12]

The US pork industry is teaming up with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd to pitch more of its products to online shoppers in China.

Ongoing passion for fitness offers healthy returns to startups

[2016-05-05 07:37]

More and more people buy into the idea with their bulging wallets and rising health awareness, and a momentum is building up in the development of keep-fit business, creating wealth opportunities for those who see the potential

Content building to become market entry point in VR industry

[2016-05-04 15:17]

Countless virtual reality (VR) headsets have appeared in the country overnight, vying for attention, while China's burgeoning market has not yet to mature when it comes to tech bottlenecks, such as resolution, refresh rate and latency of the display, and more importantly, the content.

Forum to discuss language services and artificial intelligence

[2016-05-04 14:31]

The language service section of the fourth China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services will discuss the development of language services as related to the Belt and Road Initiative and artificial intelligence, organizers said.

China to simplify approval process for gold imports, exports

[2016-05-04 14:03]

China will test a new policy that aims to make the import and export of gold a lot easier.

China's industry streamlining faces steel-price test

[2016-05-04 10:11]

There are concerns over whether the construction-driven price spike will impede the government plans for the steel sector.

Record high crop yields, but trade deficits continue

[2016-05-04 09:30]

China's crop yields are expected to increase for the 13th consecutive year in 2016, but the agricultural products trade deficit, too, is likely to continue on the persistent price gap between imported and domestic products.

Tianjin institute exports 3-D printers to South America

[2016-05-04 07:56]

A State-owned space institute has sold its 3-D printers to Argentina, marking China's first 3-D printer exports to South America, said a senior engineer at the institute.

Made-in-China subsea pipeline device heralds change

[2016-05-04 07:47]

China has developed its own subsea pipeline inspection device, ending foreign companies' dominance in this field, said the machine's designers.

Space engineers eye industrial robot space

[2016-05-04 07:45]

Chinese space engineers are taking advantage of their expertise to develop a large family of industrial robots in the hope of grabbing a share of the huge Chinese market.

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