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Net stars redefine e-marketing

[2016-07-28 08:00]

Eating hot pot and streaming the "event" live on a smartphone app could be an effective way of marketing a restaurant.

Streaming silver now, not gold

[2016-07-28 07:58]

Despite the market of smartphone apps sizzling with live streams, there is still sometime to go before you could label it a gold mine-that is the consensus among leading industry players.

Quality beyond beauty is key to real-time fun

[2016-07-28 07:58]

The stress on quality follows the realization that the live streaming market in China is getting increasingly crowded.

Jinjiang food industry employs international safety standards

[2016-07-28 07:56]

The food industry in Jinjiang, Fujian province, looks to international standards to ensure its safety.

Live and clicking

[2016-07-28 07:37]

Streaming smartphone apps package lives of ordinary people as content, capture young eyeballs, spin money.

China becomes second-largest investor in foreign property

[2016-07-27 13:23]

Chinese investors pumped $17 billion into overseas property investment during the first five months, becoming the world's second-largest source of outbound property investment.

China's gold consumption down, production slightly up in H1

[2016-07-27 13:18]

China's gold production rose by 0.16 percent year on year to 229 tons in the first half of 2016, while consumption declined 7.68 percent to 529 tons.

Brewing a new tea culture

[2016-07-27 09:17]

This summer, Chinese youngsters are rediscovering their culture's time-honored tradition of tea-drinking as a fashionable pastime, as a rising number of businesses modernize the way the beverage is consumed.

English high teas popular among middle-class women

[2016-07-27 08:11]

In recent years, the British tradition of afternoon tea has become increasingly popular in China, with more local consumers indulging in the luxury experience.

Envisioning Sino-Indian entertainment bonanza

[2016-07-27 08:10]

Generally, Indian and Chinese film industries equate overseas expansion with a presence in the United States and Europe, and finding audiences among sizeable diasporas there. Kabali and Baahubali could prove potential game changers.

China box office falls after subsidy cuts

[2016-07-27 07:51]

The China's box office dropped 4.6 percent in the second quarter of 2016.

'Act now' to recruit for nuclear industry, says expert

[2016-07-27 02:19]

China must immediately step up the training of talent for the nuclear industry, as major nuclear companies, which are at different stages of pushing a new generation of nuclear power, face an impending lack of engineers, experts said.

First Xiamen Airlines flight touches down in N America

[2016-07-26 17:14]

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) celebrated the inaugural flight of China's Xiamen Airlines to North America here on Monday evening.

East China province opens first direct air route to North America

[2016-07-26 15:24]

Xiamen Airlines has begun a direct flights linking Xiamen in east China's Fujian Province to Vancouver, Canada.

Home prices near Shanghai Disneyland soar

[2016-07-26 13:43]

As Shanghai Disneyland opened last month, the housing projects adjacent to the park have seen their prices surge, with some likely to reach 80,000 yuan per square meter.

China never asks development rights to lands alongside Sino-Thai railway: Chinese embassy in Thailand

[2016-07-26 10:45]

The Chinese embassy in Thailand said on Monday that China has neither come up with nor talked about the development rights to the lands alongside the planned Thailand-China Railway in previous meetings.

China needs more efforts in steel capacity cuts in H2

[2016-07-26 10:41]

China reduced steel capacity by 13 million tons in the first half of 2016, about 30 percent of the planned cuts for the whole year, and capacity cuts will intensify in the second half, a senior official said Monday.

China enters into post-coal growth era: scholars

[2016-07-26 10:41]

China's coal consumption might have peaked in recent years, suggesting the country has entered the era of post-coal growth, according to a commentary article published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience

First nuclear plant to take to the seas

[2016-07-26 07:04]

China is getting closer to building its first-ever floating nuclear power station, which will be installed in a vessel and could provide stable electricity to remote waters such as the South China Sea.

Minister says property tax is 'next task'

[2016-07-26 07:01]

The government's determination to launch the long-awaited property tax would help cool down the real estate market in the long term, industry analysts said.

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