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Chinese micro-credit firms lend 88.6b yuan in Q1-Q3

[2014-10-25 17:18]

Micro-credit companies in China issued 88.6 billion yuan ($14.4 billion) of new loans in the nine months ending on Sept 30, official figures showed.

China likely to cut retail gas prices again

[2014-10-25 13:51]

With global crude prices falling over the past week, another window for adjusting down China's retail prices of gasoline and diesel will open next week, analysts said.

Chile injects capital to state copper firm

[2014-10-25 13:50]

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet on Friday enacted a law to spur the output of the state copper firm with $4 billion.

Investors turning to Chinese bonds for better yields

[2014-10-25 08:37]

Global investors are helping drive China's biggest bond rally since 2008, drawn by the widest yield advantage over US Treasury securities among similarly rated nations as the authorities grant increased access to domestic markets.

Limited impact from 'HK-SH through train' delay

[2014-10-25 08:37]

The delay of the much-anticipated stock trading link between Shanghai and Hong Kong has become a certainty, but analysts see limited impact on the Chinese equity market.

New home prices continue to fall

[2014-10-25 08:37]

New home prices fell in all but one city monitored by the government last month as easing of property curbs failed to halt a market downturn amid tight credit.

iPhone loses subsidies in China

[2014-10-24 16:44]

Chinese telecom operators are reportedly cutting subsidies to Apple's iPhone smartphones, reducing the US company's dependence on the carriers.

China sees a retail growth of olive oil

[2014-10-24 16:15]

China's appetite for olive oil increased amidst a shrinking cooking oil market, according to a UK-based market research report sent to Xinhua on Friday.

Home prices continue to moderate in more Chinese cities

[2014-10-24 10:38]

Home prices continued to ease in most Chinese cities in September, with new home prices in 69 of 70 major cities reporting month-on-month drops.

Study: More US firms shift work back home

[2014-10-24 07:23]

Large manufacturers are increasingly moving production back to the United States from China.

Batter hearing care needed in China

[2014-10-24 07:23]

China's aging population combined with a growing middle class is expected to provide huge growth potential for global hearing aid makers.

Aviation industry sees gold in 'gutter oil'

[2014-10-24 07:23]

Mass production of aviation biofuel is on the horizon in China, with the first demonstration facility dedicated to producing the fuel having opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

7 advantadges to boost Hohhot's cloud computing

[2014-10-23 14:03]

Hohhot has been striving to develop the cloud computing industry. It has an advantageous industrial basis that is characterized by seven key aspects.

US-China solar deal shows great potential

[2014-10-23 07:30]

SunEdison Inc, a leading United States-based solar developer, has signed its second joint-venture project in China.

Wind energy plants 'ahead of schedule'

[2014-10-23 07:30]

China's installed wind power capacity will reach 100 million kilowatts by the end of 2014.

Outbound deals lift commercial realty

[2014-10-23 07:30]

Outbound investment in commercial property rose more than 200-fold from 2008 to June 2014, reaching a total of $33.7 billion during the period.

China's lottery sales up 25.2%

[2014-10-22 15:17]

China's lottery sales rose 25.2 percent year on year to 32.25 billion yuan ($5.3 billion) in September, new data showed on Wednesday.

More deals are expected in Beijing's office market

[2014-10-22 13:39]

Rent increases in recent years have complicated large tenants'efforts to control costs and they are increasingly exploring investment opportunities in Beijing.

Turning point in sight for ailing housing sector after credit easing

[2014-10-22 07:19]

Property sales and investment activity fell to fresh lows last month, but stimulus measures from the central bank have given rise to hopes that the worst will soon be over.

Outbound mining projects on the rise

[2014-10-22 07:19]

China's outbound investment in mining assets rose 83 percent to $24.8 billion last year on the back of the nation's growing appetite for commodities.

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