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Cheap medicines disappear from market

[2015-10-13 16:01]

Chinese hospitals have reported shortage of some cheap but essential medicines, due to alleged monopolies on raw materials.

Shanghai's wealthy pay 15% of Chinese life insurance premiums

[2015-10-13 15:37]

The total money that Shanghai high net worth individuals have invested in life insurance takes up 15% of total life insurance premiums in China.

Fast food chains sweat as apps lure customers

[2015-10-13 10:08]

As China's economy stutters, growing numbers of diners on a budget are tapping into smartphone applications to snap up meal delivery deals.

Production of China's first unmanned subway complete

[2015-10-13 10:04]

Production of Beijing's first fully automatic subway trains has been finished.

Overcapacity hurts food processing innovation

[2015-10-13 09:50]

Overcapacity in agricultural processing has slowed the industry's development, hurting investments, R&D, innovation and earnings, according to an industry leader.

Two questions to ponder before you buy TCM stocks

[2015-10-13 09:40]

One of the effects of Chinese herbal scientist Tu Youyou winning a Nobel Prize for medicine has been the rise in prices of traditional Chinese medicine-related stocks.

Industrial gases maker Air Liquide signs new contract with Yanchang Petroleum

[2015-10-13 09:34]

French industrial and medical gases maker Air Liquide has signed a new long-term contract with Yan'an Energy and Chemical Co, a subsidiary of Yanchang Petroleum Group.

Up to 7.4m Chinese tipped to visit Thailand throughout this year

[2015-10-13 09:22]

As many as 7.4 million Chinese are expected to visit Thailand throughout this year, confirmed a high- level tourism official on Monday.

Dell makes waves with $67b EMC deal

[2015-10-13 08:00]

Dell Inc will buy data storage company EMC Corp in a deal valued at about $67 billion, the largest on record in the technology sector.

Learning skills of a Western-style butler to serve the super rich

[2015-10-13 07:27]

A typical private butler in a major luxury hotel can earn around $3,175 a month, which is more than triple the average salary in Beijing.

Implementation of 'Internet Plus' sees surging e-commerce growth

[2015-10-13 07:07]

Implementation of the "Internet Plus" initiative in promoting the development of electronic commerce has become a trend and more innovative business models are seen in the area.

Golden Week saw golden rise for Chinese housing market

[2015-10-12 16:19]

China's "golden week" saw domestic housing sales surge by 64.8 percent in floor space term, spurred by the government's easing policies.

China nears annual affordable housing target

[2015-10-12 13:58]

China has almost realized the annual target for its affordable housing program.

Chinese spending spree drives Japanese economy

[2015-10-12 13:26]

The spending spree by Chinese tourists have boosted the Japanese economy by around 0.1%, a 20-year high.

China's forestry tourism booms

[2015-10-12 09:18]

China's forestry tourism has seen rapid growth with huge potential in the future.

AVIC works to make Africa soar

[2015-10-12 08:11]

AVIC International has been in Africa for 30 years and has diversified its businesses there to include infrastructure and livelihood projects.

Dairy farmers in New Zealand hit by China's slowing economy

[2015-10-12 07:56]

When China's economy was growing in double digits, dairy farmers more than 9,600 kilometers away in New Zealand felt like they had won the lottery.

Companies cash in on the trend for Western cooking

[2015-10-12 07:39]

Liu Nan plans to quit her job as a secretary at a public institution in the Jiangsu provincial capital of Nanjing and open a bakery business later this year.

Bakers cater to changing tastes

[2015-10-12 07:05]

Major international groups are beefing up their operations in China as consumer demand in the bread and cake sector expands rapidly.

China regulator mulls drafting rules on ride-hailing services

[2015-10-10 19:42]

The Ministry of Transport recognizes the "positive role" of ride-hailing services, but warns of problems such as lack of protection for passengers' interests.

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