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M&A surge expected in China's real estate sector

[2014-07-22 18:06]

Market correction in China's real estate sector may lead to more opportunities for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and asset purchases.

German healthcare group to set up hospital in free trade zone

[2014-07-22 17:27]

German healthcare and medical product provider Artemed Group will establish a hospital in the China Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Venture capital keeps faith with e-commerce companies

[2014-07-22 07:30]

If venture capital fund managers compare themselves to experimenters, their lab is the entire economy-especially where seeds germinate and new industries grow.

Affordable restaurants bring cheer as catering industry bounces back

[2014-07-22 07:29]

China's catering service sector saw revenue in the first half of 2014 rise 10.1 percent year-on-year amid expansion of affordable restaurants, the China Cuisine Association said in a report.

E-commerce lifts steel firms

[2014-07-22 07:30]

Taobao, a C2C online platform owned by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, now provides not only small items but also bulk commodities such as steel products.

Tequila producers pouring on promotions in China

[2014-07-22 07:30]

For most Chinese consumers, tequila-a distinctive product from Mexico made from the fermented juice of agave plants-is an exotic liquor compared with foreign rivals cognac and whiskey.

Cheaper fuel will aid logistics firms, car owners

[2014-07-22 07:29]

China's top economic planning agency announced on Monday reductions in the retail prices of gasoline by 245 yuan ($39.46) a metric ton and diesel by 235 yuan, effective Tuesday.

Weaker currency weighs on airline profits in first half

[2014-07-22 07:29]

A weaker yuan crushed the first-half net profits of China's three largest airlines, statements from the carriers show.

China cuts retail oil prices

[2014-07-22 09:48]

Cuts in the retail price of gasoline by 245 yuan per ton ($39.80) and that of diesel by 235 yuan from Tuesday.

Mortgage-backed debt sales resume

[2014-07-22 07:30]

The government will revive mortgage-backed debt sales this week after a six-year hiatus, as China extends more help to homebuyers in a flagging property market.

More Internet companies should go abroad

[2014-07-22 08:48]

More Chinese Internet companies should compete internationally, as they now have the ability and can make the world's cyber environment more balanced and just.

Rail sector sets 200,000 km target

[2014-07-22 07:49]

High-speed lines likely to account for at least 10% by 2030, adviser forecasts. But funds should not just come from government financing and bank loans.

Mobile Web users overtake computer ones

[2014-07-22 06:11]

The total number of Chinese netizens was 632 million by the end of June, 527 million of whom logged onto the Internet through their smartphones.

China's online population rises to 632m

[2014-07-21 17:31]

China's netizen population, the world's largest, grew to 632 million by the end of June.

China's rich look abroad as home prices fall, others stay put

[2014-07-21 14:23]

Rattled by falling home prices, some of the wealthiest Chinese are paring their property investments and turning to private equity or overseas holiday homes.

Rise in number of Chinese tourists to New Zealand slows

[2014-07-21 13:55]

Tourists from China and Japan have driven the number of overseas visitors to New Zealand last month to a record high.

Traders embrace new concept in selling

[2014-07-21 07:15]

Companies large and small, State-owned and private, are embracing a new way of doing e-commerce in China that they hope will revive flagging profits.

Change of channel brings opportunities

[2014-07-21 07:15]

A total of 22,269 customers from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Hong Kong had bought goods through the website,

Industrialization nourishes food security

[2014-07-21 07:15]

During the recent "Building Resilience for Food & Nutrition Security" conference, Christian Mersmann said Africa remains the most fragile continent when it comes to food security.

A touch of class for farming

[2014-07-21 07:15]

A Chinese program through which thousands of Africans have learned modern farming techniques will be expanded into Cameroon this year, the company behind the initiative says.

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