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Property market cools down amid rigid lending

[2014-04-24 21:41]

The slowdown of the property market that was mainly seen in China's third- and fourth-tier cities last year has spread to more areas, and analysts warn of a tough 2014 for developers.

Guizhou emerges as China's big data center

[2014-04-24 18:52]

Guizhou province has emerged at the center of China's big data ambitions, with Alibaba Group and other tech leaders moving to cash in on the big data boom.

Western restaurants scramble for Chinese breakfast market

[2014-04-24 17:32]

Western food chains are targeting China's breakfast market, leaving traditional Chinese restaurants and stalls struggling for trade.

China to further develop village tourism

[2014-04-24 17:06]

Local township and village tourism in China will receive a boost in investment this year, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang said on Thursday.

Highlights of Beijing Auto Show

[2014-04-24 16:46]

The Beijing auto show has been driving numerous conversations in recent days. The annual exhibition has provided numerous opportunities for people in all aspects of the auto sector to make a number of juicy deals.

International hotelier upbeat on China's tourism sector

[2014-04-24 16:33]

Despite the economic slowdown, China's tourism sector has tremendous potential, a senior international hotelier told Xinhua on Thursday ahead of a global tourism summit.

Online book sales boom in 2013

[2014-04-24 15:33]

China's book retail sales boomed in 2013, with online sales exceeding 16 billion yuan ($2.56 billion), a 30 percent year-on-year increase.

Information tech consumption jumps in Q1

[2014-04-24 15:28]

Consumption of information technology in China exceeded 690 billion yuan ($110 billion) during the first quarter, spurred by strong growth in online shopping and broadband markets.

Full-price govt airline tickets grounded

[2014-04-24 06:59]

China plans to prohibit full-price air tickets during government travel as part of the ongoing frugality campaign, a move experts believe could put pressure on the country's major airlines.

'Too many offices' in the works

[2014-04-24 07:20]

There will be an oversupply of office space in China in the coming three years, with second-tier cities being hit first, industry analysts said.

China's land registration to help regulate home market

[2014-04-24 11:31]

The Chinese central government has announced a timetable to push forward the national unified real estate registration system to better protect ownership and regulate the home market.

3-D printing adds new dimension to startups

[2014-04-24 07:20]

China's 3-D printing sector has gained incredible momentum thanks to media exposure, strengthened public awareness and a favorable development environment.

Canton Fair awards bid launched

[2014-04-23 19:06]

A campaign to award the top 10 Chinese machinery manufacturers has been launched as part of efforts to boost exports of Chinese machinery products, organizers said.

NZ woos Chinese tourists

[2014-04-23 22:00]

Tourism New Zealand is promoting programs in China to attract more visitors from the country.

Beer firms profiting amid austerity drive

[2014-04-24 07:47]

Revenue in China's beer industry reached 181.4 billion yuan ($29 billion) last year, up 9.3%. Output grew 4.6% to 50.62 million kiloliters.

New UK visa center for Beijing

[2014-04-23 17:39]

Britain unveiled a new visa application center in Beijing on Wednesday, part of the largest-ever investment in its visa application center network in China.

China to raise natural gas supply

[2014-04-23 16:53]

China will raise its natural gas supply to as much as 420 billion cubic meters per year by 2020 amid rising demand due to urbanization, a government statement said on Wednesday.

Profit increase for industrial businesses

[2014-04-23 13:19]

Chinese industrial enterprises saw improved overall profitability in the first quarter despite slowing production growth, the governing body said on Wednesday.

Instead of heating up, property sales cool down

[2014-04-23 07:06]

Data from the Centaline property agency show that only 8,943 pre-owned homes were sold in Beijing in March, the lowest monthly sales since 2009.

Unique landscape on a slippery slope of existence

[2014-04-22 15:32]

The geographical landscape, or Duotian agrosystem that is unique in China and probably in the world, manifests itself of a primitive farming practice that has been going on for thousands of years.

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