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Alibaba loses its bet in online lottery

[2015-02-28 20:06]

The e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd suspended online lottery sales on Saturday due to pressure from industry regulators.

China to introduce market-based jet fuel pricing

[2015-02-28 17:34]

China's producer price for aviation fuel will be determined by the market starting March, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's top economic planner, announced on Saturday.

China overhauls industry gas pricing

[2015-02-28 17:23]

China will set an equal, fair natural gas pricing structure for all industrial users to allow market forces to lead the energy sector.

Russia may accept majority Chinese control of oil and gas fields

[2015-02-28 11:16]

Russia may consider allowing Chinese investors more than 50 percent stakes in its strategic oil and gas fields, an official said on Friday.

Govt raises retail oil prices

[2015-02-27 17:27]

As the global crude price rose after seven-month plunge, Chinese authority announced on Friday that the retail gasoline price will be raised by 390 yuan ($62.45) a metric ton.

Chinese-made trains popular in Argentina

[2015-02-27 14:29]

With colors and features of Argentina's national flag, the new azure-and-white train fleet serving the capital Buenos Aires is the new image of the city's public transport system.

Inside a Taobao village

[2015-02-27 14:07]

Bainiu used to be a small village of less than 1,600 farmers. But in the past seven years, the village has become a hotspot for e-commerce startups.

China imposes one-year ban on ivory carvings imports

[2015-02-27 10:58]

Chinese authorities on Thursday announced a one-year ban on imports of African ivory carvings acquired after the CITES took effect in 1975.

Luxury homes make comeback in China

[2015-02-27 10:45]

Luxury properties are making a comeback in China's first-tier cities as eased property curbs have prompted developers to launch new residential complexes for March sale.

Chinese investment to help triple Maldives airport capacity

[2015-02-27 10:16]

Chinese investment is expected to help triple passenger handling capacity of the Maldives international airport with the addition of a new runway, an official said on Thursday.

Chinese tourists boost Sri Lanka's tourism to record highs

[2015-02-27 10:06]

Helped by growing Chinese travelers, Sri Lanka's post-war tourism industry hit yet another high ending 2014 with unprecedented 1.5 million arrivals, the Central Bank said here on Thursday.

Going gets tougher for China's machinery makers

[2015-02-27 07:10]

China's machinery manufacturers are planning to increase exports as a slowing domestic economy crimps demand at home, industry experts said.

China acts to rein in illegal activity in rare earths

[2015-02-27 07:10]

Eight government departments have issued a circular to crack down on illegal activities in the rare earth industry.

China's mink farmers feel the chill as Russian market weakens

[2015-02-27 07:10]

Mink farmers in China had a harsh winter as prices and demand fell in reaction to weak markets in Russia and Eastern Europe.

China's smaller cities 'new source' of growth in fur sales

[2015-02-27 07:10]

The fur trade has slowed over the past year in China, but rising demand from northern parts of the country and smaller cities.

China to add 200 million 4G users in 2015: Official

[2015-02-26 17:24]

China will add more than 200 million 4G telecom network users this year and is looking to build at least 600,000 new base stations across the country to expand coverage.

Australia imposes fees on foreign real estate buyers

[2015-02-26 11:12]

Chinese and other foreign nationals buying residential real estate in Australia face additional fees as the government in Canberra seeks to curb soaring property prices.

Steel demand limited this year: Moody's

[2015-02-26 10:55]

Chinese demand for steel will be limited in the next 12 months by the slowing domestic economy and weakness in the real estate market, according to a Moody's report released on Wednesday.

China encourages private capital to invest in elderly care industry

[2015-02-26 09:46]

China announced Wednesday it would encourage private investment in the elderly care service industry to help with its aging population.

Pigeon prices fly high due to China demand

[2015-02-26 08:18]

To most city dwellers, pigeons are vermin. Gourmands might contend that they can make a nice lunch. But pay more than 100,000 euros ($113,400) for a pigeon?

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