Behind-the-scenes look at PLA


Death at a subway station interrupts rush hour in Beijing. And the big question: are Chinese women too good for Chinese men?

Relief efforts continue in typhoon's wake

Relief efforts are still underway after Typhoon Rammasun battered the coast of southern China, with the death roll increasing to 46 and millions of people affected.

Air passengers facing delays

Many domestic flights in China have been canceled or delayed because of summer storms as of Tuesday evening, according to a smartphone application and information from airline companies.

Authorities seal products from food company

Authorities nationwide were busy sealing products in fast food restaurants after a major Shanghai supplier reportedly mixed expired meat into its products.

Mom invests in daughter’s love life

The daughter, who is 25, said her mother wanted her to go on blind dates. Every time she did, the mother would pay her $48 to $81.

PLA working to develop unmanned armored vehicles

In June, China North Industries Group Corp, one of the nation's major defense technology and equipment contractors, founded China's first research center dedicated to the development of unmanned ground vehicles in Beijing.

Mobile Web users overtake computer ones

The total number of Chinese netizens was 632 million by the end of June, 527 million of whom logged onto the Internet through their smartphones.

Chinese getting a taste of Cuba through salsa

Thirty Chinese salsa dance enthusiasts will fly to Cuba in September for an intensive certification process but they may find time for some sun and fun on the beach as well.

Testing times for foreign fast-food chains

A supplier's practice of selling expired meat to top fast-food chains in China has highlighted loopholes in ensuring quality and safety in the food supply chain in the country, experts said.

College student charged with Taiwan subway murders

A 21-year-old college student was charged on Monday with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder for a knife attack on a subway train in May, according to the New Taipei prosecutors office.

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