Giant panda Basi celebrates 35th birthday


PLA soldiers brave blizzard in NE China


School bus withstands running through brick wall in safety test


Commemorative banknotes to mark aerospace achievements


Amazing scenery along world's first around-the-island high-speed rail


Old Beijing memories in winter


Animal heads of Old Summer Palace relics on display in Shanghai

More power will go to lower levels under reform

China's top military authority will greatly reduce its departments and personnel in order to give more power to lower-level authorities.

Eliminating poverty a tough challenge for govt

The central government opened a meeting on Friday morning to discuss how it can lift 70 million people out of poverty by the end of 2020.

Change to ease drop in workforce

Employers and local governments need a stable population to keep up economy's growth momentum.

Famous panda to celebrate 35th birthday

Basi, famous mascot of the 11th Asian Games in Beijing, will celebrate her 35th birthday on Saturday - the equivalent of more than 100 human years.

Asian neighbors eye specialty programs

As companies in China's railway industry receive more orders from Southeast Asian countries, a tangible ripple effect can be seen in vocational schools.

Automation industry issues group standards for robots

The China Association for Science and Technology published four standards for industrial robots, the first for China's robotics industry.

Changyu buys into French chateau for $3.5m

Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co Ltd, one of China's leading wine producers, has bought a 90 percent stake in the Bordeaux-based Chateau Mirefleurs for $3.54 million.

Books bridge the cross-Straits divide

The growing popularity of personal stories written by authors from Taiwan is prompting greater understanding on both sides of the Straits, as Peng Yining reports.

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