Call for rule of law


Temple puts resting place on sale, woman destroys ATM, cab driver gives free ride, and boy receives Medvedev's autograph.

Hebei to cut emissions for APEC conference

Hebei province will halt a series of polluting projects and take other measures to improve air quality during the upcoming APEC conference.

Step up the battle against HIV/AIDS, urges first lady

Efforts must be promoted in caring for those with the disease, in fighting discrimination, in giving patients access to medical care and in ensuring social justice, first lady Peng Liyuan said.

HK court orders end to Mong Kok protest

The High Court in Hong Kong ordered protesters to clear roads at an illegal assembly site in Mong Kok - the only remaining protest site in Kowloon.

Hard times for the lords of the rings

A ban on performances by circus animals at China's State-owned zoos has won praise from activists, but could spell ruin for a traditional industry.

International Shaolin Kungfu Festival kicks off in China

More than 70,000 Shaolin students lined up along a 15km road to perform kungfu or martial arts to mark the opening of the festival. Over 1,800 athletes from 63 countries and regions take part in the festival, which runs through to October 29. Most of them will compete in martial arts events and some will be aiming for a Wushu grade.

Beijing, New Delhi establish hotlines to defuse border tensions

Beijing has praised the "strong" determination that both China and India showed in handling border problems, after the neighbors agreed to establish hotlines and hold regular military meetings.

China launches remote sensing satellite

A Long March-4C carrier rocket carrying the Yaogan-22 remote sensing satellite blasts off from the launch pad at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Taiyuan.

A passion for Chinese culture

A Dutch Sinologist has spent more than 50 years studying the country's language, classic literature. For Wilt Idema, books are the best guides in life.

Innovative Asia

The Global Innovation Index for 2014 sees Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong in the top 20 and expects the Chinese mainland to hit the top 20 before too long.

Chinese state councilor urges non-interference in HK affairs

Visiting Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi has reaffirmed that the affairs of Hong Kong fall within China's domestic affairs, in which no countries have the right to interfere.

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