China ready to celebrate traditional Lantern Festival


Daily snapshots of 'two sessions' - March 3


Memories of service staff at the two sessions


Buddhist monk breaks brick in kung fu


Owners and pets enjoy reunions


Sands bucket challenge for better environment


Members of 12th National Committee of CPPCC arrive in Beijing

Call for better detention centers to ensure justice

Facilities in detention centers should be improved and suspects given better protection, according to political advisers and legislators.

Cybersecurity law 'makes perfect sense'

Foreign Ministry says the country's first counter terrorism law is a "very necessary" requirement to combat terror and leaks.

Advisers vow to boost reform drive

China's top political advisory body vowed on Tuesday to improve the quality of its proposals to better serve the country's reform drive.

China ready to celebrate traditional Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival, also known as Yuan Xiao Festival in Chinese, falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month and marks the first full moon in a Chinese Lunar New Year. People celebrate this festival by making thousands of dazzlingly colorful lanterns, trying to solve the puzzles on the lanterns, eating yuanxiao (glutinous rice ball) and getting all their families united in the joyful atmosphere. This year the annual celebration comes on March 5.

Military parade to highlight peace commitment

China’s first military parade marking the end of World War II will not be an exercise in “muscle-flexing”, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

Science study trips and experiment kits gain popularity

As parents strive to foster their children's curiosity and scientific inquiry, businesses providing experiments and demonstrations are burgeoning.

China to have most robots in world by 2017

China will have more robots in its production plants than any other country as it cranks up automation of its car and electronics factories.

HK seeks fewer mainland visitors

While the number of mainland visitors to HK fell for the first time in 20 years over the Spring Festival holiday, the government in the special administrative region wants to cut it back even further.

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