Six thousand people enjoy local feast in Luoyang


Beijing sizzled by heat wave


China's army recruitment posters go viral online


Qipao-clad students float in forest


Ten photos you don't wanna miss - May 22


Oldest panda in China to celebrate 35th birthday


Faraway letter from Australia catches first lady's eye

China university rebukes US
espionage allegations

A Chinese university refuted US spying accusations against its three professors, saying their achievements abide by rules and ethics.

Guo Meimei faces charges of organizing group gambling

Guo Meimei, whose online posts tarnished the reputation of the Red Cross Society of China, has been charged with operating a betting den.

Web offers 'smoke screen' for sex trade

Organizers of prostitution in China are using the Internet to promote their business and dodge inspections, making it more difficult for authorities to crack down on the underground sex trade, a senior official said.

3,000-strong team from Japan signals thaw in relationship

A Japanese delegation with more than 3,000 members is visiting China, a development viewed by observers as the latest sign of progress in ties.

China aims to be first to land on 'dark side' of moon

China plans to land its Chang'e-4 probe on the moon's "dark side", according to Wu Weiren, the chief engineer for Lunar Exploration Program.

River rescue hero on summer alert

As the weather becomes warmer, Wang Xiguang, 50, a store owner from Xingyang in Henan province, becomes more watchful as he walks along a bank of the Yellow River in front of his grocery business.

A mini-world of landmark skyscrapers in Shanghai

Half-finished skyscraper models cluster at a site in Shanghai, March 25, 2015. It takes months to construct the models, at scales of 1:50-1:100.

Cross-Strait affairs chiefs meet, stressing no setbacks in ties

The mainland's Taiwan affairs chief Zhang Zhijun on Saturday called for efforts to avoid U-turns and self-inflicted setbacks to ties across the Taiwan Strait.

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