Young man's back becomes canvas for ancient artwork


Peak season for kelp in Shandong


4,000-year-old ebony tree unearthed in E China


Inter-city trains to start operation in Xinjiang


Pictures at an exposition


Kite-flying championship held in E China


Couple leave the city for 'Self-sufficiency Lab'in mountains

Hit TV series returns for second course, firefighter becomes an online celebrity and Guangzhou soccer boss has words with his underperforming players.

Chairman of China Resources removed

Song Lin, chairman of state-owned China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd, has been dismissed from office for suspected serious discipline and law violations, authorities said Saturday.

System to make school enrollment transparent

Personal information of students graduating from elementary and entering middle schools in Beijing this year will be collected through a new electronic system starting May 1 to guarantee fair enrollment.

PLA senior generals reaffirm support for Xi

High-ranking People's Liberation Army (PLA) officers have again voiced support for President Xi Jinping's instruction to build a strong military, the second time this month they have voiced group approval.

Couple leave the city for 'Self-sufficiency Lab'in mountains

Tang and Xing both left high-paying jobs to pursue a rural lifestyle, and their home, which they named "Self-sufficiency Lab", is actually a renovated brick house in a remote mountainous village.

4,000-year-old ebony tree unearthed in E China

Part of an ebony tree, which had been buried for about 4,000 years, is unearthed on Wednesday in Wuning, a county in Jiangxi province.

Chinese leaders send condolences to S. Korea over shipwreck

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang extended condolences after a South Korean ferry accident left 14 people dead and 283 others, including two Chinese nationals, missing.

Twitter-like service provider aims to raise $328 million in US market

Weibo Corp, Twitter Inc's counterpart in China, made its debut on the Nasdaq in the United States on Thursday, becoming the first publicly traded Chinese social media company.

Calligrapher ready for Chinese Language Day

Calligrapher and educator Zhang Xuguang, 59, considers his 2,000-square-meter studio hidden beside a busy road in the north of Beijing a wonderland of inner tranquility and beauty.

Li says economy can continue growth

Premier Li Keqiang said China has the conditions to keep its economy moving with another round of reform and opening-up.

'Mainland, Taiwan won't let protests hurt ties'

Chinese mainland authorities firmly oppose the "Taiwan independence" forces' attempt to legitimatize separatism under the guise of supervising a cross-Straits pact, a spokeswoman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office said.

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