Severe drought hits Central China's Henan province


A square dancing lady overpowers a would-be robber. Genetically modified rice is found for sale in many provinces.

Tough accountability code for officials

Auditors nationwide will keep a close eye on officials in three key areas of accountability: government debt, natural resources and implementation of the central government's frugality campaign.

Special: China Cracks Down on Graft

Hanlixuan suspended for reprocessing leftovers

Inspectors said 10 members of staff had no health certificates. The shop is also suspected of reprocessing the leftovers and serving them as new dishes to customers.

Many oppose college tuition hike

Many residents are opposed to increases in college tuition fees and want universities to reveal their financial situations, according to an online survey released on Thursday.

Alarm bells start ringing over illegal sales of GM rice

Alarm has been triggered by claims that genetically modified rice that has not been approved for sale is being supplied illegally in a number of provinces.

Villager's path takes him from Buddhist monk to businessman

Tsering is a successful farmer and businessman who says his main aim is to get rich - but two decades ago his life could not have been more different.

Uygur extremists 'training in Middle East', envoy says

Muslim extremists from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have gone to the Middle East for training and some may have crossed into Iraq.

China produces world's largest amphibious aircraft

Trial production of the TA600 aircraft, intended to be the world's largest amphibious aircraft, has started in China following completion of the design process.

Chinese getting a taste of Cuba through salsa

Thirty Chinese salsa dance enthusiasts will fly to Cuba in September for an intensive certification process but they may find time for some sun and fun on the beach as well.

OSI group offers recipe to rebuild reputation

US-based OSI Group, owner of the Shanghai Husi Food, bids to repair its reputation with big investment in a 3-year food safety education campaign in China.

48 dead, 10 injured in Taiwan plane crash

Forty-eight people have been confirmed dead and 10 injured after a Taiwan plane, with 58 people on board, made a failed emergency landing in Penghu.

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