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Lawmaker denies accusation on secret detentions

Lawmaker denies accusation on secret detentions

Updated: 2012-03-08 19:23

By Zhao Yinan (

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A senior Chinese lawmaker on Thursday denied an allegation that "suspects guilty of impairing state security can be secretly detained".

Lang Sheng, vice-chairman of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, denied that the latest draft amendment to the Criminal Procedure Law permits the secret arrest of suspects accused of impairing state security. Lang told the media that the accusation "has no ground in laws".

A clause in the draft proposes to allow the police to detain suspects accused of endangering state security or terrorist activities without telling their families "if it impedes the investigation" has aroused a wide outcry over its possible abuse.

"The draft can infringe upon the rights of the suspects if it is misused," said Chen Guangzhong, a leading expert on criminal procedure.

On a related matter, Lang admitted the draft does not necessarily require the police to inform family members of the specific place of detention, "considering the complexity of cases".

Such a stipulation, experts said, lacks in detail and may end up as a "nominal requirement".