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Escape city life with rural tourism

Updated: 2013-06-05 05:55
By Zhuan Ti (China Daily)

Chengdu is the birthplace of Happy Farmhouse tourism, one of the city's signature forms of entertainment.

Sansheng Flower Village, 5 kilometers away from the southeastern part of Chengdu, is an Eden of rural

Escape city life with rural tourism

tourism and is widely known as the "Five Golden Flowers".

There are five gardens in Sansheng Village - Hetang Yuese, Jiangjia Caidi, Hua Xiang Nongju, Dongli Ju and Xingfu Meilin.

Each of them has some enchanting views, and a number of Happy Farmhouses are located around that area.

In the gardens you can taste tea and go sightseeing. There are also some creative studios hidden in the village.

In addition to Sansheng Village, the Eco-Tour Loop Line is another weekend getaway option for urbanites.

There are a couple of towns around the loop line. Dalin is known for its pear blossoms. Hejiang has three cherry seasons a year, and Xinglong is famous for its rose garden.

Because the majority of the nation's residents live in the countryside, the government has endeavored to boost the economy there. This style of rural tourism that started in Chengdu has become a symbol of urbanization in China.

Escape city life with rural tourism 
Escape city life with rural tourism