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  • Filmmakers eye further opportunities in China

    2013-06-07 07:32

    Chinese companies and their foreign counterparts are eyeing cooperation opportunities to tap into the country's booming film market.

  • Coca-Cola wants 'to be everywhere'

    2013-06-07 07:32

    Thirty-five years after joining the world's leading beverage company through a newspaper advertisement and touring the United States to sell its product, Coca-Cola Co CEO Muhtar Kent remembers what it was about the company that appealed to him in the first place.

  • Johnson & Johnson to serve growing middle class

    2013-06-07 07:32

    Global healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson will attach more importance to the Chinese market amid the expansion of the country's middle class and its aging population, the company's chief executive officer said on Wednesday.

  • Retail giant plans more stores

    2013-06-06 16:01

    China Resource Vanguard Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited, will open 10 stores in Chongqing and Chengdu this year.

  • Traditional savers to be smart investors: Poulson

    2013-06-08 11:26

    As China's emerging middle class becomes increasingly urbanized, there's a need to shift from being a nation of savers to one of smart investors and consumers, former US treasury secretary Henry Paulson told a panel of executives at the Fortune Forum in Chengdu on Friday.

  • Sichuan economy grows in stature

    2013-06-08 11:08

    The economy of Western China is now better recognized by the rest of the world, former US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman said.

  • Skilled labor badly needed as too few jobs for youths

    2013-06-08 10:47

    Experts and employers at the Chengdu Fortune Global Forum are urging greater efforts from both graduates and authorities in tackling the mismatch between supply and demand in China's labor market.

  • Transport seen as route to a cleaner tomorrow

    2013-06-08 10:36

    The global transport industry is going through a dramatic transformation as high oil prices and climate change force governments and the private sector to create sustainable systems and reduce carbon emissions.

  • China's economy might be No 1 in 2030

    2013-06-07 07:32

    China's economy will become twice as big as that of the United States and larger than both the US and the EU combined within just 17 years.

  • Overseas markets 'will help manufacturers'

    2013-06-06 15:47

    Overseas markets will give more opportunities for Chinese manufacturing enterprises to solve excessive production capacity.

  • Reforms will see economy gain altitude

    2013-06-06 08:02

    China's new leadership has taken measures to further cut government interference in the economy and streamline services, a major step forward in giving market forces more power.

  • Migrants vital for city growth

    2013-06-06 08:02

    Many believe enabling migrant workers and their families to settle down and live full city lives is the most urgent priority for promoting urbanization.

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