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  • Scholars: 'Smart' regulation necessary to guide economy

    2012-09-13 07:48

    Confidence in China's future economy is mainly the result of continued government-guided regulation and innovation, said scholars and entrepreneurs at a symposium of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2012 in Tianjin on Sept 12.

  • Service growth opens doors for nation's banks

    2012-09-13 07:48

    Chinese banks will have more opportunities to expand overseas as the country transitions toward a more service-based economy, said Michael Andrew, global chairman of KPMG International

  • Experts: Students need help with job placement

    2012-09-13 07:48

    Many university graduates across the world face the same problem - what they learned in school does not match the needs of the real world.

  • Global 'Marshall Plan' to boost economic growth

    2012-09-12 08:00

    China can keep a brisk pace of growth over the coming decades by joining the global economic stimulus plan for infrastructure construction, Justin Yifu Lin, the former chief economist at the World Bank, said.

  • Initiative brings citizens into energy dialog

    2012-09-12 08:00

    In Tianjin, the World Economic Forum launched the Energy for Society Initiative, which seeks to engage an increasing number of citizens in the discussion about the future of the energy industry.

  • China tops Asia's retail property markets

    2012-09-11 14:21

    China takes a lion share in the retail projects under construction in Asia, remaining the most popular entry point for international retailers.

  • Tablet makers diversify to tackle Apple

    2012-09-10 09:52

    Chinese tablet PC makers are trying to diversify their product lines to compete with Apple Inc's iPad.

  • Environmental assessments go online

    2012-08-30 02:20

    China's environmental protection agencies have been ordered to publish environmental impact assessment reports on their websites from Sept 1.

  • Modern forestry key to green economy

    2012-08-23 17:49

    The 3rd Annual Global Green Economy Prosperity Forum has kicked off in Beijing and will run from August 22 to 23, 2012.

  • Limits revised to promote green autos

    2012-08-07 14:27

    Guangzhou added new measures encouraging eco-friendly vehicles to regulations released a month ago that limit the number of auto license plates granted each year.

  • Li: Green transformation can lead to great fortune

    2012-07-28 07:56

    Many developing nations, including China, are going to achieve modernization in the next 40 years, and their development must be carried out along green lines.

  • China competitiveness ranking sees rare decline

    2012-09-06 09:20

    Experts warned that China needs to increase education and innovation investment after its global competitiveness ranking declined.

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