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Belt and Road Initiative links China's development with that of Serbia, Poland, Uzbekistan

[2016-06-26 15:03]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has wrapped up his state visits to Serbia, Poland and Uzbekistan, with the Belt and Road Initiative he proposed strengthening China's ties with the three nations that sit right along the ancient trade route.

China, Russia carry a world of hopes

[2016-06-24 08:31]

Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to visit China on Saturday to hold in-depth talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on bilateral ties. This will be his fourth visit to China since retaking office as president in 2012.

Belt and Road will boost SCO strength

[2016-06-22 07:57]

President Xi Jinping will attend the 16th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Tashkent on June 23 and 24 to end his eight-day visit to Serbia, Poland and Uzbekistan which started on Friday.

SCO meeting likely to deepen regional security cooperation

[2016-06-22 07:57]

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization which turned 15 on June 15 will get a good opportunity to review its achievements and chart a new course at the meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO in Tashkent on June 23-24.

Poland should position itself for One Belt, One Road project, official says

[2016-06-21 05:21]

President Xi Jinping's visit to Poland will be a "decisive push" for Sino-Polish relations, says Slawomir Majman, former president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

Xi's visit will boost telecoms and IT cooperation in CEE area

[2016-06-21 04:48]

President Xi Jinping's visit to Serbia and Poland is expected to improve cooperation in telecommunications and information technology and thus further connect China and the Central and Eastern European countries with the digital Silk Road.

Dozens of deals herald greater investment

[2016-06-20 08:14]

China and Poland are expected to sign "dozens of agreements" during President Xi Jinping's visit, according to Miroslaw Gajewski, the Polish ambassador to China.

Relations upgrade a sign of solid progress

[2016-06-20 08:14]

China and Poland are set to upgrade their strategic partnership to a comprehensive level on Monday during President Xi Jinping's visit to this fast-developing country, a senior Chinese diplomat said.

Xi's Europe-Asia tour: Cherish friendship forged with blood and lives forever

[2016-06-19 18:32]

On June 17, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Belgrade to begin a state visit to Serbia. Serbia deployed fighter jets to escort Xi's plane when it entered the country's airspace.

The dynamics of modern Poland are evident on the streets

[2016-06-19 17:41]

In my various interviews ahead of President Xi Jinping's visit to Poland, which started on Sunday, the dynamics of this central Europe country were frequently mentioned by prominent interviewees, ranging from Polish President Andrzej Duda, who is 44, to Chinese ambassador Xu Jian.

Cartoon commentary, Xi's Europe-Asia tour ①: Open up new cooperation prospects

[2016-06-18 20:17]

Cartoon commentary, Xi's Europe-Asia tour ①: Open up new cooperation prospects

Xi's visit to usher in new era in China-Poland partnership: ambassador

[2016-06-16 15:23]

The upcoming visit to Poland by Chinese President Xi Jinping will bring historic opportunities to the two countries, said the Chinese ambassador to the Central European country.

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