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British pub becomes tourist attraction after Xi's visit

[2015-10-26 17:03]

The British pub which President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister David Cameron visited in Buckinghamshire last Thursday has become an overnight sensation.

Emotional send-off for Xi was a fitting finish

[2015-10-26 07:56]

There were emotional scenes as President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, waved at the conclusion of their state visit to the UK.

British communities laud outcomes of President Xi's visit

[2015-10-25 11:09]

President Xi Jinping made a successful state visit to Britain from Monday to Friday, which was not only valued by Britain's political leaders, but also drew extensive attention from the country's media, scholars and the public.

China-Britain 'global' partnership sealed with declaration

[2015-10-23 11:44]

China and Britain issued Thursday a joint declaration on building a "global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st Century".

A tale of two countries – Chinese footballers' British struggles

[2015-10-22 09:15]

For Chinese soccer fans, the Premier League is one of the most entertaining to watch. The popularity of the top-flight competition, known for head-to-head derbies, big-name players, free-spending clubs and showy WAGs, is self-evident in China, although currently not a single Chinese player is anywhere to be seen.

Cameron welcomes Xi to his official residence Chequers

[2015-10-23 08:43]

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (R) holds talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Chequers, England, October 22, 2015.

Chinese student's quest for UK's post-education system

[2015-10-21 13:46]

Statistics show that Chinese students have become the top source of international students studying in UK’s colleges and universities.

Chinese culture permeates fabric of British society

[2015-10-21 10:50]

Chinese influence in Britain is notable from the late 17th century onwards as wealthy Britons and a growing middle class provided a demand for Chinese goods such as porcelain and commodities such as tea.

Xi and first lady visit British royal collections' Chinese items

[2015-10-21 10:32]

President Xi Jinping and first lady Peng Liyuan were invited to a viewing of Chinese-related items at the British Royal Collection. Let's take a look at what they saw.

Queen hosts state banquet for Xi

[2015-10-21 09:39]

(Left to right) Britain's Prince Philip, China's first lady Peng Liyuan, Queen Elizabeth II and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the state banquet at Buckingham Palace in London, Oct 20, 2015.

Prince William takes to CCTV to call for ban on ivory trade

[2015-10-21 08:31]

Prince William told Chinese people not to buy ivory or any other illegal animal products, as part of a campaign to end the trade in ivory, in a message carried on China Central Television.

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