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Chinese ship headed for Indian Ocean to join search for MH370 jet

[2016-02-01 23:24]

A Chinese ship, Dong Hai Jiu 101, will arrive in South Indian Ocean on Feb. 10 to join the ongoing search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Maldives police probe debris allegedly related to missing MH370

[2015-08-10 12:12]

The Maldivian police have launched investigations into debris found on the beach of a private resort to determine if it had any connection to the missing Malaysian Airline fight MH370.

More suspected debris washed up on La Reunion coast

[2015-08-04 21:52]

A piece of plastic debris was found Tuesday in the northern coast of French overseas Island La Reunion, where a wreckage suspected to be part of the missing MH370 was washed up last Wednesday.

Australia's search area for MH370 could be narrowed following Reunion debris discovery

[2015-08-04 11:02]

The government body coordinating Australia's search efforts for missing jetliner MH370 has said new evidence could narrow down the search area for the wreckage.

Malaysian, French investigators meet to coordinate probe on suspected MH370 wreckage

[2015-08-04 10:35]

Investigators from France and Malaysia met Monday afternoon in the Palais de Justice to coordinate the investigation on the place wreckage found last Wednesday on Reunion Island, which may belong to the Boeing 777 plane of the missing MH370 flight.

MH370 search cooperation revealed

[2015-03-10 09:23]

The Australian man leading search efforts for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has revealed details of the way in which the Australian government is dealing with China and Malaysia.

Team remains hopeful of locating missing jetliner

[2015-03-09 07:39]

Exactly one year ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur's airport and subsequently disappeared, leaving the world with one of the greatest aviation mysteries in history.

One year later: Benefits from the search for MH370

[2015-03-06 14:28]

The yearlong search for MH370 has yielded lessons and discoveries that could benefit millions, including air and sea travellers and scientists trying to understand ancient changes to the earth's crust.

A year on, what's the latest in the hunt for Flight 370?

[2015-03-03 16:08]

Nearly a year has passed since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, sparking one of the most perplexing mysteries of modern times.

Australian gov't reiterates commitment to search for MH370

[2015-01-30 14:18]

The Australian government remains committed to the search for MH370, the Joint Agency Coordination Center for the search of MH370 said in a statement on Friday.

Australia confident of finding MH370

[2015-01-17 09:03]

Missing airliner MH370 is "very likely" to be found if it lies in the undersea zone now being scoured, and is probably in good condition despite being submerged for 10 months, the Australian search chief said.

Key vessel rejoins MH370 search efforts in S Indian Ocean

[2014-11-17 11:03]

Surveying vessel Fugro Equator has returned to the Southern Indian Ocean to continue its search for wreckage from missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

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