Alice through the Looking Glass returns to Wonderland

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<EM>Alice through the Looking Glass</EM> returns to Wonderland

Alice through the Looking Glass poster. [Photo/Mtime]

It's been six years and Alice is ready to embark another adventure in the Wonderland.

The latest film Alice through the Looking Glass based on the Lewis Carroll story has seen Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska reprise their roles in the first film.

Depp says this time audiences will see the Mad Hatter in a new light.

"It shows a very different side to The Hatter, that beyond the multi-personality Hatter, it shows a Hatter that goes near to his lowest point."

Alice-player Mia Wasikowska says playing such a strong female character in the film sets a good example for kids who will see the movie.

"I just think it's really great how at the beginning of this film she's been traveling for the last two years and she's been so empowered and really knows who she is and then she's quite disappointed when she comes back to England to see that expectations of her are so low and just that she has this innate sense that she deserves more than that or even just to be happy or to be able to do what she wants is really great, just that angle and also that we're sort of satarizing female hysteria, which was taken very seriously not that long ago."

Tim Burton, who directed Alice in Wonderland in 2010, will serve as an executive producer this time, while Jim Bobin takes over the directorial position.

Alice through the Looking Glass opens in China and North America on May 27.


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