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Remembering police dog Benben

( Updated: 2014-07-24 17:16

Benben, a Belgian Malinois born in a kennel at the Criminal Investigation Department of the Beijing Public Security Bureau in 2001, was trained by Wang Lei, an officer with the department. Benben won the National Police Dog Contest at the age of three. Wang Lei worked together with the dog to solve more than 100 cases, arresting two armed suspects in eight years. Wang reportedly cried for the first time in his life when Benben died in 2009.

Remembering police dog <EM>Benben</EM>

This photo taken in Beijing, June 2, 2008, shows Wang Lei and Benben. The police dog worked as a team with Wang, and together they solved more than 100 cases and arrested two armed suspects in eight years. [Photo/CFP]

Remembering police dog <EM>Benben</EM> Remembering police dog <EM>Benben</EM>
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