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National Graphene Institute to demonstrate products to President Xi

By Cecily Liu (China Daily Europe) Updated: 2015-10-20 22:17

The University of Manchester's National Graphene Institute will be showcasing its groundbreaking research to Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, and in particular the work carried out in partnership with the Chinese company BGT Materials.

BGT Materials, formerly known as Bluestone Global Tech, is a major Chinese manufacturer of graphene, a form of carbon used in electronics. It invested 5 million pounds in 2013 to open a R&D center in the National Graphene Institute, to develop new-graphene related products.

BGT Materials will show the President its latest products, which include one light-emitting diode product, and one printing ink product where graphene is used as the ink.

"We want to show to the President the process of our collaboration with industry partners and BGT is a very good example. We have worked closely together over the past two years to produce some amazing results," said James Baker, business director of the National Graphene Institute.

Baker also said that his team is keen to attract other Chinese businesses to invest in R&D facilities at the National Graphene Institute.

Graphene was first isolated at The University of Manchester by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov in 2004, earning them the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010.

The 61 million pound National Graphene Institute is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the European Regional Development Fund. The center is a place for industry partners and University academics to work side by side on emerging graphene applications. The 5 million pound deal with BGT Materials was the first strategic partnership of the NGI.

The University of Manchester has more than 100 scientists and engineers working on graphene and other 2D materials, according to the university.

BGT Materials, which already has laboratories in New York and Taiwan, is leading the emerging graphene market, providing mass production of high-quality 2D materials to enable the commercialization of many graphene-enhanced applications such as advanced displays, flexible electronics, energy storage materials, and cosmetics.

Chung-Ping Lai, Chief Executive Officer for BGT Materials, said at the time of GBT Material's launching of its R&D center in the National Graphene Institute, that the increasing demand for its materials and expertise in Europe prompted the company's decision to establish the BGT Materials brand in Europe with the setting up of its operation in the UK.

"The link with The University of Manchester and the National Graphene Institute is integral to our strategy of working with our customers to bring products and processes from the lab to the workplace. With our long term commitment and cooperation with The University of Manchester, BGT will have access to a critical mass of world-class research talent, facilities and resources and we are very excited to be located at the home of graphene," Lai said.

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