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Beijing's V-Day parade goes viral on global social media

( Updated: 2015-09-03 11:34

The V-Day parade in Beijing marking the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII has drawn attention not only in China, but also in rest of the world. Here we bring together comments by global social-media users who are following the event.

Beijing's V-Day parade goes viral on global social media

A screenshot of the official Facebook account of China Daily shows the comments of its followers on the parade.

Preserving peace

The announcement to cut the army by 300,000 has demonstrated China's resolve for peace.

--Yang Lan, a former famous TV hostess in China posted on Sina Weibo


There is no peace for the country if it is weak! Go China, only country in Asia that has the means and armoured with the will to ensure a peaceful and prosperous Asia.

--John Christopher Yao posted on Xinhua's official Facebook account


China is standing for humanity and righteousness against those evil forces like Nazi and willing to fight again if it necessary.

--Zhmz Shorthouse, a Facebook follower of People's Daily accountBeijing's V-Day parade goes viral on global social media

300,000 troop cut

A cut to PLA troop numbers by 300,000 is around 13% of the 2.28 million total.

--Angus Grigg, the China correspondent of Australian Financial Review, said on Twitter

Micah Grimes, formerly of ABC News, retweeted to Grigg, said if the US cut same from 1.35 million, it would be about 22%.


Chairman Xi's announcement at V-Day Parade of cutting 300K PLA troops fits with major PLA restructuring plan.

--Andrew Erickson said on TwitterBeijing's V-Day parade goes viral on global social media

Sad to be far

I am watching the parade on TV in my office and I am so exited and wish I could be on the site. I have always regretted not joining the army.

--An airline pilot in Beijing said on Sina Weibo


I am outside Beijing so I cannot go to the Tian'anmen Square to see the parade. Let's remember the history and all the heroes forever.

--Zhao Yuanyuan, an actress, posted on Sina Weibo 


So many grandparents, like mine, who fought in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, cannot go to Beijing for the parade today due to poor health. And so many of them sacrificed their lives so they cannot see how great and prosperous China has become today. Let's salute all of them!

--A netizen in the United States posted this comment on Sina Weibo


I am used to getting up late, but today I woke up at about 7 am and sat in front of the television waiting for the live broadcast of the parade. I wish China, my motherland, prosperity, and all the people should reflect on the history and pursue peace.

--A netizen named Fengniuxuegaoyin on Sina Weibo


China is hosting a huge parade to celebrate the V-Day to mark their victory over Japanese aggression, and I expect to see troops and military equipment at the parade.

--Beau Sides, a Twitter user


All my classmates are watching the live broadcast in our dorm. Although it is raining outside, it has not affected our mood. As a Chinese I feel so proud at the moment.

--Chen Yijie, a college student in Chongqing, posted on Sina WeiboBeijing's V-Day parade goes viral on global social media

Other comments

Japan's NHK on the WWII victory parade: highlights China's proposed 300,000 troop reduction.

--Anna Fifield, Tokyo bureau chief for the Washington Post


Many Japanese orphans were left in China 70 years ago when the World War II ended, and Chinese helped raise thousands of them.

At this crucial moment, we thank again the Chinese people for their tolerance, and we will continue to contribute to further development of the Japan-China relations.

--A statement posted on Sina Weibo by the Japanese embassy in Beijing


The flight format is extremely magnificent. And a sense of deep respect rose from my heart when I saw the format comprised of veteran soldiers of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

--A netizen posted on Sina Weibo


PLA army are greatest warriors.

--Henry Concoles, a Facebook follower of People's Daily


Today is a special day. My father was a soldier and he knew what difficulty we faced to win the war against Japanese aggression. We are living in a time of peace and we should cherish it.

A country has to become strong so it will not be subject to bullying. China needs to become a stronger nation, not only in economy, but also in education. Today is a day of celebration, and also a day for reflection.

--Larry H.P. Lang, a famous economist in China, on Sina Weibo


The events were simply spectacular. President Xi showed himself as a true world class leader. Not just a leader of the largest country in the world, but, a leader who deserves the respect and honor due to any great man who has ever existed in history.

--Michael Murphy, An online community user of


It is great to see the Kuomintang veterans who participated in the war against Japanese aggression also joining the parade.

--A netizen named Cheng Xi said on Sina Weibo

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