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China thanks western countries while stressing Chinese role in war

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-06-23 16:43

BEIJING - The western and other nations provided "precious support" in China's war against Japanese aggression, a senior official said Tuesday.

The Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom and France all supported China during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Wang Shiming, deputy head of the Communist Party of China Central Committee publicity department, said at a press conference for a grand Tian'anmen military parade marking the war's victory on Sept 3.

The Soviet Union was the first to come to China's aid, and the actions of soviet troops in northeast China accelerated the defeat of the invaders, Wang said.

The United States also provided great support, with the UK and France offering economic aid and military cooperation, he said. People from dozens of other countries had also contributed to the war effort.

Wang name-checked and thanked a number of individuals including American journalist Agnes Smedley and Canadian doctor Henry Norman Bethune.

"Chinese people will forever remember the precious contribution of people from many countries," he was quoted as saying.

Wang also said that some Westerners lack objective, just appreciation of China's position and role in the world anti-fascist war.

"The historical facts are, Chinese people's war against Japanese aggression was an important part of the world anti-fascist war and (China) played a significant role as the major oriental battlefield," he said.

China defeated the Japanese invaders killing more than 1.5 million Japanese troops, which coordinated with the allies' campaigns in the European and Pacific arenas. China also paid a great price, with more than 35 million soldiers and civilians sacrificed.

This year, the 70th anniversary of the end of the wars, will be the first time China has held a parade to commemorate the events.

The Sept 3 event will include a speech by President Xi Jinping, who attended a similar parade in Moscow on May 9. Xi will present medals to veterans and their descendants at the event.

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