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China and the US should set up global standards on cyber security

By HUA SHENGDUN In Washington (China Daily USA) Updated: 2015-10-13 10:18

As cyber security emerges as the main agenda issue during President Xi's state visit to the US, China and the US are actively seeking common ground to create a more global standards regarding cyber environment.

The International Forum for Technology Collaboration and Development on was held on October 9 in Washington by Chinese Association of Science and Technology which is a nonprofit organization of more than 8000 Chinese and Chinese American scientists and CEOs of IT companies.

"During the state visit, President Xi and President Obama reached agreements in various areas including cybersecurity. China regards cyber crime is one of the most serious crimes, which should be under strict law," Wu Xi, minister of the embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America comments on China-US cooperation on cyber security in the opening remarks for the forum.

"Years ago, with some other countries, China submits the regulations on cyber environment to theUnited Nations. And the Chinese government will seek more collaboration with other countries to form more comprehensive rules on cybersecurity," Wu said.

"Within Chinese legal framework, we will crackdown cyber crime in any means. And we are willing to cooperate with the other countries in the world to make stricter regulations to ensure a more secure cyber environment in the international community."

Dutch Ruppersbkerger, congressman for Maryland's 2nd congressional district, ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said

we have to have global standards. It's important we deal with the issues of what is going on in the cyber world. I think, we tow countries, as the most powerful countries in the world should come together to work out the global standards.

"Internet is amazing when it occurred, but we have a lot of problems with it. ISIS, the terrorist organization, recruit members on Facebook and Twitter," Ruppersberger said.

"I think it tremendous that President Xi and President Obama reached a handout during the state visit. The cyber issues we are dealing with are serious. China and the US are pioneers in this field."

With a more solid foundation of China-US cooperation in cybersecurity, more Chinese and Chinese Americans are able to develop their new technology and IT companies in the US.

"I'm glad that my idea comes into reality. It is undeniable that part of my success belongs to the innovation to sparkle the new technology," Kai Liat the department of Computer Science in Princeton University said.

"However, without a secure cyber environment and the trust we have with the other American IT companies, it would not be very smooth for me to develop the storage duplication technology."

Li established his own company, Data Domain Inc, in Silicon Valley which has grown to be the leading storage duplication company and it has been purchased by EMC the largest provider in the US hardware market.

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