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Foreign Minister's view on South China Sea reasonable and clear

[2015-08-13 07:36]

With the above initiatives and proposals, China has again proved its commitment and sincerity to the South China Sea issue, which should be capitalized on by the countries in the region and beyond.

South China Sea not a US political playfield

[2015-06-08 07:46]

After debacles in Syria and Ukraine, the US must realize that there is always a price to be paid for intervening in other countries' affairs.

US needs neutral policy on sea disputes

[2014-09-11 08:01]

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice said President Barack Obama views his scheduled visit to China in November as a milestone.

A calm South China Sea needs no flame-stoker

[2014-08-11 14:55]

It can hardly be accepted as a coincidence that the previously calm South China Sea has lost its tranquility since the United States embarked on its pivot to Asia strategy.

US proposal on South China Sea unconstructive

[2014-08-11 10:12]

It is simply an unconstructive idea for US Secretary of State John Kerry to call for a "freeze" on actions in the South China Sea at an ASEAN foreign minister's meeting in Myanmar at the weekend.

New map boosts China's claim in sea

[2014-07-04 08:49]

A local publishing house in China has published a vertical map of the country giving equal weight to land and sea areas.

Hanoi needs amending deeds

[2014-06-19 07:07]

Since all the recent troubles derive from Hanoi's miscalculations and unwarranted provocations, the current standoff will not see a peaceful end without Hanoi correcting its approach.

Vietnam must honor Pham's note

[2014-06-18 07:23]

The Vietnamese government cannot deny the legal force of Pham's note. It is Vietnam's international obligation to keep its stance consistent with Pham's note.

Vietnam violating agreements

[2014-06-17 08:02]

Vietnam has violated the purposes of a series of agreements signed by Beijing and Hanoi and the consensus that had been reached by the two sides.

Drilling is legal and legitimate

[2014-06-09 08:10]

Countries outside the region should respect the facts of these controversial issues and adhere to an objective attitude instead of deliberately stirring up trouble and complicating the regional situation.

Why Vietnam, Japan play up 'China threat'

[2014-05-30 21:32]

A tragic hostility is unfolding in Asia while Vietnam and Japan, who share similar culture heritage with China, see their neighbor much more like a thorn in their sides.

Manila has violated law of the sea

[2014-05-28 07:10]

On May 6, the Philippine National Police intercepted a Chinese fishing boat off Half Moon Shoal in the Nansha Islands and detained 11 Chinese fishermen, who were then shifted to the southwestern province of Palawan. The Philippines' alleges that the Chinese fishermen violated wildlife protection laws by poaching endangered marine turtles in its "exclusive economic zone". Nine of the 11 Chinese fishermen have been charged with poaching.

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