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Families will not be flown to Perth until debris verified as from MH370

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-03-30 18:59

KUALA LUMPUR  -- The families of passengers and crew on board the missisng Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will not be flown to Perth, Australia, until recovered debris is confirmed as from MH370, the airlines said in a statement on Sunday.

Malaysia Airlines clarified it will be making arrangements to fly family members to Perth only after it has been authoritatively confirmed that the physical wreckage found is that of MH370. "Arrangements will be made as soon as the relevant government agencies have provided clearances for Malaysia Airlines to bring family members to the site where aircraft wreckage will be kept," the statement added.

The statement said a Family Assistance Centre (FAC) will be established in Perth. The FAC will become the focal point for all activities that have been planned for the families including briefings, religious and prayer services.

"Malaysia Airlines is fully committed to supporting all efforts by the relevant foreign governments who continue to search for and recover the aircraft, and it continues to cooperate with all authorities involved in the investigation."

Malaysia Airlines continues to provide welfare and support to the families of the passengers, the statement added.

More families arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday as the number of family representatives increased to about 35. More families are expected to arrive in the Malaysian capital in the next few days.

Tension at times has been running high with families accusing the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines officials of not engaging sufficiently with them.

Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein met with families on Saturday and vowed to continue searching for survivors.

"No matter how remote the odds, we will pray, hope against hope, and continue to search for possible survivors," he told reporters.

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