Couture compatriot

By Zhao Xu ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-06-27 08:17:24

Couture compatriot

Key players in the country's fashion business. They are Guo Pei, Lawrence Xu, Jiang Qiong'er and Christopher Bu (from left to right).[Photo/China Daily]

Meanwhile, Guo, whose magnificent couture-level creations have won her international acclaim, believes that the hard work of her craftsmen and women, and a passionate clientele makes her brand successful.

She narrates the story of a female factory worker, who went to Guo's store to order a traditional Chinese-style wedding gown for her daughter a few years ago. Although the customer had been estranged from her daughter since her divorce from the girl's father, the mother turned up with her savings of 50,000 yuan to get the gown stitched.

"'This gown is going to be my wedding gift to her, my way of saying sorry (for leaving) and saying I love you,'" Guo quotes her client as telling her.

The designer then took the money and got to work on the dress. A few weeks later, the red gown and coat, both hand-embroidered in gold, were ready. The mother brought the daughter to try it on.

"The girl gasped. She put on the clothes gingerly and looked into the mirror, while her mother looked at her..." says the designer. "Like the best of our tradition, that moment is something to keep at heart."

Yang Wanli contributed to this story.

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