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Modeled on the United States Capitol

( Updated: 2015-05-31 13:51
Modeled on the United States Capitol

One type of cockroach. [Photo/IC]

Man starts cockroach breeding business

A 24-year-old man, Qian Cheng, gave up his stable job in medicine sales and started his own business with his partner, Cheng Tianhang, to breed more than 400,000 cockroaches in a 70 square meters rented room, reported Chengdu Economic Daily on Saturday.

Qian sees medicinal value in cockroaches, which usually are seen as gross insects in daily life. An element extracted from the insects has many uses, such as reducing blood pressure, protecting the liver, healing burns and diminishing inflammation. The scary creatures live in two insulated houses with a 24-hour heating system. They are givenvarious fruits and nutritious supplements to make sure they will be fully fed.

Qian even won startup funds for his cockroaches in a competition that noted the business' distinctiveness, low cost and high medicine value.

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