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Gorgeous granny puts youngsters in the shade

( Updated: 2015-04-07 13:40

In today's Trending, an old man in Yunnan dresses like a woman to keep his mother happy, a family loses millions trying to get the best school for their child and a Jilin cabbie advertises for a girlfriend on his taxi.

Gorgeous granny puts youngsters in the shade

 Standing on one leg poses no problem.[Photo/CFP]

Elderly lady poses like youngster

Are you tired of seeing photos of young beauties? Today we bring you fresh pictures of an old lady whose lovely poses during the three-day Tomb Sweeping holiday brightened our day.

The photos, posted online by a 19-year-old girl, show her elderly and wrinkled grandma in lively postures acting more like a member of the post-90s generation, in a field full of rape flowers.

Wearing a grey overcoat and a Bordeaux red hat, the old lady posed like a young girl – bending to smell the flowers at a 45-degree angle looking at the sky and standing on one leg.

The touching photos earned a lot of praise online.

Gorgeous granny puts youngsters in the shade

The grandma smiles amid a field of rape flowers. [Photo/CFP]

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