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Dog survives deadly traffic accident

( Updated: 2015-04-02 11:53

In today's trending, a dog survives a deadly accident and finds a new owner, Hangzhou CEO plays out 'Fifty Shades of Grey' for real, Chinese writer goes under knife to look like Shakespeare, mystery benefactor found after seven years, and peculiar zebra crossings confuse locals.

Dog survives deadly traffic accident

The dog that got stuck in a car and yet somehow survived the accident. [Photo/CFP]

Dog survives deadly traffic accident

A lucky dog not only survived a deadly traffic accident, but also found a new owner, reported on Thursday.

The dog was hit by a car running at full speed when it crossed an expressway in Central China's Hunan province on March 26. The driver, who assumed the dog must have been killed in the accident, unexpectedly found it somehow got stuck in the slot under the bumper and had not sustained any serious injury. The man went on driving for 400 kilometers and during the journey kept checking on the dog's condition.

When they reached a veterinarian, the vet confirmed that the dog only suffered a slight injury, and the car owner, surnamed Zhang, decided to adopt the dog into his family.

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