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Legless boy dances to Little Apple

( Updated: 2015-02-05 10:54
In today's trending, a boy whose legs were amputated moves viewers with his energetic dance, an old man dies on the street after passersby ignore him, outlaw gains 20kg to avoid capture, train home for Spring Festival is eerily empty, and an anxious father handcuffs his daughter to himself on a train.


Boy without legs dances to Little Apple

Think it's impossible to feel sad while the upbeat hit "Little Apple" is playing? Well, a video showing a boy with amputated legs dancing the Little Apple song on the hospital bed went viral since it was uploaded on Feb 2.

The boy's rhythmic dance moves have wowed viewers. Dubbed the "saddest Little Apple" so far, some could not help shedding tears as they watched.

The four-year-old boy lost both of his legs during a car accident two years ago, but his cheerful spirit and smile have impressed everyone who has ever met him, reported.

The song Little Apple earned unprecedented popularity since its debut in May. People across the country imitated the dance in the music video and different versions of the song went viral online, such as Little Apple danced by soldiers, students, and air stewardesses.

In our next story, the lack of a good Samaritan led to an old man's death in the street. 

Legless boy dances to <EM>Little Apple</EM>

Nurses cheer as Xiao Feng dances on the bed at a hospital in Enshi, Hubei province. [Photo/]

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