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Trending: Chrismas gift turns out to be boyfriend

( Updated: 2014-12-25 11:50

Vehicle spills wads of cash, school orders boys and girls to maintain distance, man decorates house with one million shells, rescuers save woman with bare hands, gift in package turns out to be boyfriend.

Trending: Chrismas gift turns out to be boyfriend

Passers-by pick up the banknotes that fell off the armor van. [Photo provided by netizen]

Armor van spills $4m on road in HK

An armor cash carrier spilled HK$35 million ($4.51 million) on to a highway in Hong Kong on Wednesday, bringing traffic to a halt as people rushed to grab the money.

TV footage shows drivers and pedestrians scrambling to scoop up the money scattered all over the road before armed police officers rushed to seal off the area.

A witness told the South China Morning Post that he saw a lady walk off with 10 cash-bricks.

Police urged people who picked up the cash to return it as soon as possible, warning that otherwise they could face up to 10 years in jail for theft. [Full story]

Trending: Chrismas gift turns out to be boyfriend

Police offiers investigate at the scene. [Photo provided by netizen]

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