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Trending: Young and old squabble over bus seat

( Updated: 2014-09-06 11:56

Baby and burn vicitims in stable condition, boy discovers a sword and a young man fights with elderly men over a bus seat.

Trending: Young and old squabble over bus seat

Vital signs of 850-gram baby stable

A woman of advanced reproductive age in Henan province delivered a baby only 32 centimeters long and 850 grams in weight after her 28 weeks of pregnancy on Aug 13, Dahe news reported.

The baby had trouble breathing and suffered a gastrointestinal hemorrhage and congenital heart disease. The baby stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for more than 20 days and now the vital signs appear to be stable. However, doctors say that there is still a big chance that the baby's situation will deteriorate and that the baby needs to stay for another two or three months at hospital.

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Young and old squabble over bus seat

Trending: Young and old squabble over bus seat

A fight broke out on a bus between a young man and a group of elderly men over a bus seat in Wuhan, Hubei province on Friday reported.

The old men were standing beside the young man's seat and bumped into him a few times on the ride. The young man got angry and abused the old men. The old men reacted and one of them hit the young man. The parties involved were later taken away by the police. It is reported that the incident was settled when both parties forgave each other.

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Boy discovers Shang Dynasty bronzeware in river

Trending: Young and old squabble over bus seat

A sword discovered by a boy while he was washing hands at the river side in Gaoyou city, Jiangsu province early this summer was identified as a bronzeware artifact from the Shang Dynasty 3000 years ago, reported.

The boy’s father gave the sword to Gaoyou Administration of Cultural Relics and it is now stored in Gaoyou museum. This is the second bronzeware artifact found in Gaoyou and the first bronzeware weapon. Experts say that it is possible that more historical relics are lying in the river where the sword was found.

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Barbecue fire victim underwent first surgery

Trending: Young and old squabble over bus seat

20-year-old Xiaoqian who was engulfed in flames at a barbeque restaurant in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province, had undergone her first surgery successfully on Friday. Qianjiang Evening News reported.

Xiaoqian suffered severe injury with 80 percent of her skin damaged by the burn. The planned seven or eight-hour surgery that removed dead tissue only took four hours.

Doctors say the blood supply for Xiaoqian is enough because people from all over the country donated blood after hearing the news. She will go through other surgeries in the next few weeks.

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